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1945 Cottage Kitchen Remodel

1945 Cottage Kitchen Remodel
Denver, Colorado's Villa Park Neighborhood
Remodeled Spring of 2011

Many sad little homes are on the market because of the mortgage crisis. Neglected, damaged, dirty...some are so dreary it's hard to imagine just how charming they could be. Here's one with a Cinderella ending. 

This home was in a close to downtown neighborhood called Villa Park. Revival of the neighborhood hadn't quite begun yet, but other near-by areas were experiencing a surge of interest. A developer with good instincts and a tolerance for risk took this one on, and won.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After


  • Part of the wall between the living room and kitchen was removed to create more counter space and add more light.
  • Kitchen was gutted.
  • Old honey oak cabinets were replaced by rich dark cherry.
  • Walls were painted Sherwin Williams Bungalow Beige (SW 7511).
  • New pole cabinet hardware.
  • Countertops are Cambria Waverton, a recyclable quartz surface that looks like marble.
  • Backsplash is Ceramic Boreal Marble tile.
  • This pretty kitchen gets all new stainless steel appliances.
  • Serpentine track lighting lights up every corner.
  • Amber pendant lighting adds drama.
  • Classic Ivory floor tile in a "brick" layout brightens the room.

Resuts: Three offers in under a month! When you put a beautiful home on the market and price it right, it sells.

1945 Cottage Remodel

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What Can I Do with this Room?
A large room off the back of this kitchen was previously used as a bedroom. Not ideal as a bedroom, because everyone walked through it to get to the back yard.

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Paint Color Matters - If you're planning on staying in your home and you love color, be bold, take risks, have fun! Surround yourself with colors that make you happy. If you're flipping a home, or plan to sell, however, pick a paint color with buyers in mind. It will make a big difference in how quickly your home sells. Wall colors that appeal to most buyers.

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1945 Cottage Remodel

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