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Insider Secrets to a Beautiful Home

Alex Hinst

Alex Hinst

Alex Hinst is an interior decorator and home stager with hundreds of success stories. She's also been a designer on multiple investor home renovations, contributing to Denver's exciting urban renewal.

I get a thrill working with clients in their own home, seeing their excitement when we transform their space using furniture and accessories they already own.

I have never been in a home that didn't have amazing and interesting collections. They are the personal imprint of the individuals who live there.

Most people, however, need a little help pulling it all together.

Using decorating principles developed through working with hundreds of clients has taught me to quickly analyze what's missing in a room and fix it.

Frequently, just by rearranging furniture and moving some pictures and accessories, we can create a dramatic transformation.

My clients get happy, and that makes me happy.

I would like to share those same principles, secrets, and tips with you. I sincerely hope you use them, enjoy them and find them helpful. Best wishes and thank you for visiting!

Top Ten Tips for Mixing Fabric Patterns 

Nature mixes color, pattern, contrast and texture with perfection. Designers study the subtle rules of nature and aspire to recreate its beauty in furnishings and fabric. The perfect mix of fabric and color can make a room sing. 

Interior Decorating and the Golden Mean

There's a mysterious balance in all of nature. You can observe it on a scale as grand as the stars, or in small leaves and shells. It's reflected in the Parthenon in Greece, the Pyramids of Egypt, timeless music, and every genius work of art. It is brilliant in its design...it is the blueprint of life. And it's used in interior design.

Family Room Furniture Placement

Some people like to move their furniture a lot. Others like to find the best placement and never change a thing. Whatever your style, you will enjoy your family room more if you can bring it into balance.

Pretty Bedroom Ideas

Our bedrooms should be a place of refuge, rest and renewal. It's where we start and end each day. A beautiful bedroom will send you out into the world to meet the challenges of the day and welcome you back again to comfort and refresh you.

Building a Table Display

Do you ever wonder how designers build a beautiful display; one that’s as breathtaking as a perfect piece of art? How they get the right combination of carefully chosen treasures to give it such a sense of flow? How they make it so appealing?


Alex Hinst is the author of Home Decorating and Staging and owner of Alex Hinst Designs, located in Denver's Historic Highlands.

Alex Hinst Designs has hundreds of success stories in both private and investor home renovations and is dedicated to helping you create your perfect home.