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Abstract Landscape Art for Staging a Home

Abstract Landscape Art for Staging a Home

Home stagers prefer abstract landscape art for staging a home because it provides color without drawing attention to the subject. Staging is designed to make a home appeal to any buyer, and abstract landscape art is safe. 

Buyers respond to this type of art because it's beautiful, colorful and impersonal. Walls take up a lot of space in a home and the right art just might sell your home.

Guidelines for Selecting and Hanging Art

  1. Think of the wall you're trying to fill and everything near it as one surface. You want to create a sense of flow and  continuity. This applies to any room. A painting above a bed in a bedroom, over a desk in an office, near a buffet in a dining room, or over a sofa in a living room.
  2. Choose art (or a grouping of art) that will take up approximately two-thirds of the space above the furniture.
  3. Hang the art approximately two hand-widths above the furniture.
  4. Leave one hand-width between each piece when hanging groupings of art.
  5. Try to include one large painting on your largest wall.
  6. Stay with a consistent color scheme for greatest visual impact.
  7. Choose frames that work with the wood in your home. Currently dark frames are popular and so are canvases with no frame.
  8. Check bargain stores like Ross and TJ Maxx for affordable staging art.
  9. Relax and have fun. If you get the colors and sizes right, it just falls into place.

These fuzzy landscapes fill a large empty space with soft color. They warm up what would be a big blank wall and add charm, contrast and interest. Notice how they create a "unit" with the desk.

Notice also how the browns in the art coordinate with the wood of the door and the desk. This is no accident. If you're interested in why this works, see the Golden Mean and the 60-3-10 Rule.

Hanging four smaller complementary paintings is an interesting way to treat a larger surface. When choosing abstract landscape art, select colors consistent with the rest of the home.

Tips for Choosing the Right Spot for your Art and Mirrors

When staging a home, I frequently find beautiful art and mirrors hung without purpose. They look like they were hung on whatever wall was free. Make them work for you by putting them in the right place.

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