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Arranging Furniture in a Suburban Ranch Living Room

Arranging Furniture in a Suburban Ranch Living Room

Arranging furniture in a suburban ranch living room can be challenging. Frequently the front door opens directly into the living room and there are several other doorways: to the kitchen, the dining room, and the hallway.

Where do you put the furniture to make the living room look as spacious and appealing as possible?

We know that homes sell faster when:

  • Rooms look as big as possible.
  • It's easy to walk to a window and look out.
  • There's good lighting for day or night showings.
  • There's no furniture to dodge when crossing a room.

This pretty ranch in Arvada, Colorado had all the right stuff:

  • Good paint colors.
  • The right carpeting.
  • Interesting furniture and art.

But when you walked in the front door, it felt a little cramped.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Staging Details

  • The tan chair was too much for this room and was moved to another part of the house.
  • The sofa was already on the biggest wall looking out the window, so it stayed, along with the coffee table.
  • We cleared a "pathway" to all doorways and to the picture window that looks out onto a beautiful front yard.
  • Sheers were pulled back to expose the view.
  • We created a cozy conversation area with two red chairs under a beautiful piece of art.
  • A floor lamp on the left, and a plant on the right of the chair arrangement softened the corners and gave a nice glow for evening showings.
  • Between the front door and the big picture window is an awkward little wall that was just perfect for the small buffet that we moved out of the crowded dining room.
  • Because a north facing living room can seem dark, a mirror above the buffet adds sparkle and reflects additional light from a small lamp.
  • Now the room feels spacious, balanced and inviting. And buyers thought so, too.

The Outcome? Sold! Under contract in two and one half weeks during a sluggish 2011 market.

Guidelines for Arranging Furniture in a Suburban Ranch Living Room

  • Place your largest piece of furniture on the biggest wall.
  • Position the sofa so it looks onto something interesting (focal point).
  • Keep all walk-ways open.
  • Keep access to windows open.
  • Create a small conversation area with two chairs
  • If the room is too small for two chairs, angle one chair across from the sofa. See example in staging a living room.

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