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Art for a Colorado Cabin

Art for a Colorado Cabin

Choosing the Right Art for a Colorado Cabin Remodel

We live in Colorado, so when we say mountain cabin, we think of a cozy place sheltered by rugged rock outcroppings, blue spruce, pine trees, and surrounded by meadow grasses and wildflowers. It's rugged terrain with far reaching vistas.

Wild horses, buffalo, and Native American Indians really did roam here. And you can still find Indian arrowheads, if you know what to look for.

When we remodeled this small Colorado Cabin, it was only right that the art reflect the history and the setting. 

A Native American theme in the rugs and colors was the perfect way to blend indoors with outdoors and stay true to the spirit of the land.

Horse photography provided the accent that added interest without competing with the natural "art" visible from every window. It all came together to create a mood that complements the setting and provides a great escape for the visitor.

Colorado Cabin Remodel

The story and before and after pictures of the transformation of this cabin plus rental information.

Guidelines for Selecting Art

Size, shape, and where you hang art makes all the difference. Think of the wall you're trying to fill and everything near it as one surface. You want to create a sense of flow and continuity.

This applies to any room, like a painting above a bed in a bedroom, or over a desk in an office, or near a buffet in a dining room, or over a sofa in a living room.

  • Choose art (or a grouping of art) that will take up approximately two-thirds of the space above the furniture to which it is closest.
  • Match the shape of the art (or grouping) to the shape of the wall.
  • Hang the art approximately two hand-widths above the furniture.
  • Leave one hand-width between each piece when hanging groupings of art.
  • Stay with a consistent color scheme for greatest visual impact.
  • Choose frames that work with the wood in your home. Currently dark frames are popular and so are canvases with no frames.
  • If you love a particular theme, go with it!

Horse Photography and Western Prints

Art for Staging a Home

Art for staging a home has a different purpose than art that's collected for personal reasons. When someone collects art, it's because there's something about the piece that speaks to them. Art for staging purposes is designed to sell the home.

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