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Art for Staging a Bathroom

Art for Staging a Bathroom

Art for Staging a Bathroom

Staging art works because it helps to create harmony, flow and excitement in even the most basic bathroom. It doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to be interesting. For success, follow the basic guidelines.

Guidelines for Selecting and Hanging Art

What size art you choose and where you hang it makes all the difference in the world. Think of the wall you're trying to fill and everything near it as one surface. You want to create a sense of flow and continuity. This applies to any room, like a painting above a bed in a bedroom, or over a desk in an office, or near a buffet in a dining room, or over a sofa in a living room.

  • Choose art (or a grouping of art) that will take up approximately two-thirds of the space above the furniture to which it's closest.
  • Hang pictures approximately two hand-widths above the furniture.
  • Leave one hand-width between each piece when hanging groupings of art.
  • Stay with a consistent color scheme for greatest visual impact.
  • Select a color that complements your towels, shower curtain and finishes.
  • Choose frames that work with the wood in your home. Currently dark frames are popular and so are canvases with no frames.
  • Play with themes to engage the buyer and add fun.
  • Tips on where to hang your art in Bathroom Staging.

Tuscan Style

In a luxury home with a Tuscan decor, the art takes its cues from the finishes, but doesn't compete with them. The color of the tile is repeated in the simple motif and the frame complements the mirror.

Misty Blue

Abstract landscapes are the perfect accent for a unique marbled bath. Note how the art is fuzzy, like the grain in the marbling, creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. The dark tree shapes complement the wood of the vanity. The wall paint is the same blue as the marble veins and the art. These are the types of details that create an enchanting room.

When Looking for Staging Art

Review the basics when choosing Art for Staging a Home, it will help you look at art differently. Following are the types of pictures I look for when staging bathrooms. The larger ones also work well in bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms.

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