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Basement Renovation

by Carol Morrison
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Photos of my basement …..a special resting place for my girl friends and me. - Carol Morrison

Carol, you've done a lovely job of creating a cozy nook:

- The tan walls and floor provide a soothing neutral backdrop for your sofa and pillows.
- You've added contrast with the dark sofa, the white throw, door and window.
- You've mixed textures beautifully. The layered rug on the floor, the fuzzy throw, the shiny sliver lamp.
- You've controlled your color scheme and created a fresh, garden feel.
- You've created lovely displays on the two tables and china closet, and varied your heights: tall, medium and short.
- You've done a tasteful job of mixing patterns.
- You've added life with greenery.
- Congratulations, it's beautiful!

Thank you, Carol, for sharing your success.


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