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Bathroom Update and Remodel

Bathroom Update and Remodel

Bathroom Update and Remodel

In 2011, savy Denver investors were picking up sad little properties at auction for a fraction of what they were worth. Then, with a little imagination, the latest in tile and finishes, and a good measure of determination, they turned them into homes that sold literally overnight.

This 1948 home, on the edge of a hot urban area of the Denver Highlands is a perfect example. A two bedroom, 815 sq. ft. diamond in the rough, it was passed over by many buyers because it was desperately boring and in poor condition.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Tile and Trim Close-up


  • Tile, vanity, mirror and all fixtures were removed.
  • Tub was resurfaced.
  • Toilet got a new seat and lid.
  • Walls were painted Benjamin Moore "Hazy Skies" like the rest of the house.
  • Alpine Forest Ceramic tile was chosen for the floor and the bath and shower walls.
  • A four inch decorative strip of Glass Deja vu Cafe adds a designer touch.
  • Floor tile is laid in an updated diamond pattern.
  • A new mirror is framed and stained sunset maple, like the cabinets.
  • Vanity counter top is Cambria Hyde Park (leftovers from the kitchen remodel).
  • Shiny chrome sink and shower faucets provide a little dazzle for a home in an exciting up and coming urban area.

Bathroom Floor After

Designer Tips on Choosing Tile

When designing your remodel, think of a theme you want to carry throughout the home. Each room can be different, but repeating certain elements creates a sense of flow and coordination that is the trademark of a beautiful home.

The inspiration for this home came from Colorado's natural beauty. Denver sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and this Alpine Forest ceramic tile is reminiscent of our granite rock mountains and the shades of bark on a pine tree.

  • The soft gray-green tint works well with the Hazy Skies paint.
  • The flecks of rust repeat the tint of the sunset maple cabinets.
  • The Glass Deja Vu Cafe trim adds modern shimmer and contrast.

Guidelines for an Inexpensive Bathroom Update and Remodel

  • The same tasteful, neutral tile on the floor and the bath surround makes a small bathroom feel more spacious and saves money.
  • The same cabinets on the bath and the kitchen provide a sense of continuity in a small home.
  • A beautiful trim tile adds luxury without breaking the bank.

This newly remodeled home was under contract in one week, before we could even get the outlet covers on! See the rest of this home's Before and Afters in kitchen and living room update and remodel.

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