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Bedroom Staging Top Ten Tips

Bedroom Staging Top Ten Tips

Bedroom Staging Top Ten Tips

There's an art to creating dreamy bedrooms. The prettiest combinations look effortless, casual, spontaneous, cozy...never messy.

Skilled stagers know how to make that happen in a multitude of different ways, in any kind of room, with any size budget. How do they do it? With a few basic design principles, a dose of spontaneity, and a lot of imagination.

Following are two real-life, low budget examples of bedrooms that used a simple fix to get the big sale.

Inexpensive Bedroom Staging

The owner of this condo had moved to a nursing home and her son wanted to make the unit as attractive as possible without spending much of his mother's money. The challenge was how to make dated furniture and furnishings appeal to a new buyer?

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Staging Details

  • All the packing boxes, extra furniture and TV were removed.
  • Walls were painted Sherwin Williams Lightweight Beige. This isn't a tan I normally recommend because it has a pinkish tint. However, it looked the best with her carpet.
  • The art was originally in another room. I chose it because it was the right size for the bed and it would set a pretty color scheme for the room.
  • The recliner was originally in the living room which had too much furniture. Since the bedroom was large enough and the recliner was the right color, it was added to make a cozy reading corner.
  • New lamps were purchased at Ross ($30 for the pair).
  • New bedding also from Ross ($40 Bed-in-a-Bag).
  • New green throw ($15 Target)
  • New throw pillows ($30 for three at Ross).
  • New small artificial plant for the nightstand ($7 Ross).
  • Total cost:  $122

Freshening the unit and adding color made it instantly appealing to buyers and it sold!

Vacant Bedroom Staging

This vacant condo was in the same retirement community but not selling because there were too many just like it. Some inexpensive staging did the trick.

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Staging Details

  • We created a "bed" with a Coleman Inflatable Bed ($79 Wal-Mart).
  • Bedding on loan from the realtor.
  • New Parson's tables ($40 for the pair, Wal-Mart).
  • New lamps ($40 for the pair, Wal-Mart).
  • New art prints ($30 for the pair, Ross).
  • Add a tray, 2 mugs, a red napkin, some artificial fruit and a box of gourmet cookies to suggest a lazy Saturday morning in bed.
  • Some flowers and a picture in a frame dress up the nightstands.
  • Total cost:  $189

Dressing up the bedroom made this unit stand out from all the others and it sold!

Pretty Bedroom IdeasOnce you get the basics of creating a beautiful bedroom, the combinations are endless.

More Easy Inexpensive Bedroom StagingYou don't have to buy all new when staging a bedroom. There are ways to use what you already own and still get an updated look.

Outdated BedroomsAn outdated bedroom can kill a home sale. The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to buyers and it's critical to make it appear as beautiful and spacious as possible.

If you're creating a bedroom for your own rest and enjoyment, mattress reviews can help you find the right mattress. Getting a good night's sleep will enhance every aspect of your life.

If you're short on space and long on family, Bunk Beds can be a fun for the kids, attractive way to maximize space in a bedroom.

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