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Cabin Kitchen Update and Remodel Ideas

Cabin Kitchen Update and Remodel Ideas

Cabin Kitchen Update and Remodel Ideas

This Colorado cabin was purchased because it had an incredible mountain view. And that's about all. The outside was nondescript, and the inside was...dark. The couple who built the cabin 35 years ago rarely went there because the wife refused to go. Do you suppose the kitchen had anything to do with it?

There was no counter space. The microwave was in the hall. The stove was a camper stove. And the biggest sin in my opinion was with all that natural beauty outside, the only view the cook got was cheap paneling.



Cabin Kitchen Update and Remodel Ideas


  • The entire room was gutted to allow for a U-shaped configuration. Functional for a kitchen that's only 6'x8'.
  • Refrigerator was moved to the north wall where it's out of the way and provides an endpoint for the new cabinets.
  • The microwave was moved out of the hallway and mounted on the wall.
  • When you have a gorgeous view, you don't necessarily want fancy finishes competing with it. Inexpensive, unfinished oak cabinets were pickled (a sheer white stain) and varnished. Less contrast in finishes makes a small space feel bigger.
  • A dishwasher was added for luxury and convenience.
  • A glass stove top/oven combo provides more counter space than a gas range and is more energy efficient.
  • Close-out marble tile on the counters adds luxury at a bargain.
  • New brushed nickel goose neck faucet is pretty and updating.
  • A pot rack, magnetic knife holder and magnetic wall mounted spice rack provide much needed storage space.
  • A new, prefinished oak floor was laid throughout the cabin.
  • And a brand new window over the sink lets you enjoy the spectacular view, plus the occasional, moose, bob cat, mountain lion and deer.

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Interested in Staying at this Cabin? Contact Bird's Nest VRBO 341097 for rates and reservations.

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