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Cheap Free Decorating Ideas

Cheap Free Decorating Ideas

On this website, cheap free doesn't mean tacky, it means creative, fun, stylish, and surprisingly inexpensive! Trends always start with the creativity of individuals who use something ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Decorator colors and styles shift ever so slightly every season. The designers responsible for trends plan it that way. Why invest a lot of money in furniture or decorator items that will soon be outdated? There are lots of fun, inexpensive and creative ways to keep your home current and stylish.

Check out budget friendly places to shop where you can get the "look" without the price tag. Whether you're staging to sell your home, or decorating for your own enjoyment, creativity always wins over cost!

Tina and Scott's Story

Tina, and her husband Scott bought a sad little cabin that sat unsold for years. They fell in love with it, not because it was beautiful, but because it was nestled in a forest of pines overlooking a lovely meadow in the Colorado Rockies. Then they transformed it into a stunner. A real gem. So much so, that when they put it on the market several years later it sold immediately to the first buyer on the very first day.

While Tina and Scott were fixing it up there was a lot of fun and laughter. Because, even though they could have spent more money, it became a game to see how little they could spend and how good they could make it look. And their motto was "Cheap or Free!"

Tina and Scott and all who are like them, are the inspiration for this cheap free, budget friendly idea page that makes saving money fun and smart.

This Page is Dedicated to Creativity...Your Creativity!

  • What have you done in your home that people absolutely love?
  • Have you found a great solution to a decorating problem that doesn't cost much money?
  • Have you turned something ordinary into something functional and fun?
  • Have you used your creativity to launch the next big trend?

Outdated Brass Headboard Gets an Update

Brass Headboard Before

Brass Headboard After

Decorating Details

  • Brass headboards aren't fashionable like they were in the 1970's. So, an inexpensive way to get an updated look without buying a new headboard is to spray paint one (not recommended for an antique).
  • This headboard took two coats of Rustoleum Hammered Bronze (Home Depot - $5 each).
  • The money that could have been spent on a new headboard was invested instead in new art and linens for a fresh color scheme and a totally different look.
  • Large abstract painting ($49.99 at Ross).
  • Blue quilted throw and shams ($59.99 at T. J. Maxx).
  • The most expensive items were the new curtains and throw pillow from Pottery Barn. Splurge on the things that matter.
  • Curtain rods were changed to antique brass to match the headboard.

Comfy, Beat Up Old Glider Gets a New Look

Glider Before

Glider After

Decorating Details

  • Spray paint again. Two coats (three cans) of Rustoleum Hammered Black (Home Depot - $15).
  • New king size black and white Laura Ashley quilt plus shams tucked in and around the old cushions (Ross - $49.99).
  • Two standard pillows to put inside the shams (Ross - $7.99 each).
  • Two quilted cotton green throw pillows (Ross - $7.99 each).
  • Add some live plants to bring color to your outdoor space and a water fountain!

Bamboo Placemats Make a Pretty Window Valance


  • Bamboo placemats (Ross, $2.99 for 4).
  • Clipped to a curtain rod.
  • Total Cost: $2.99

What's Your Favorite Cheap Free, Easy on the Budget Idea?

There are so many ways to make your home look beautiful without breaking the bank. What's your favorite budget friendly idea? I'd love to showcase it on this website. Describe what you did, how much you spent, and include a picture. We'll dedicate a special page to you and your idea!

Your Favorite Cheap Free Ideas

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