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Christmas Tree When Selling a Home

Christmas Tree When Selling a Home

Sellers frequently ask, "Can I put up a Christmas tree when selling a home?"

Christmas is a special time that only comes once a year and it would be a shame to miss the fun. So I recommend a tree that will add light and sparkle without making your home look small, dark or cluttered.

If you have room for a large tree without disturbing a good furniture arrangement, go for it. If not, consider putting a small tree on a table. Then making your little tree a stunner by paying attention to color, lights and texture.

Staging Details

  • If traditional green and red Christmas colors clash with your color scheme, consider gold. Gold looks elegant and is neutral. 
  • A small table was covered with a floor length gold damask table cloth.
  • The tree is in a heavy ceramic pot to keep it from tipping over (a garden urn would also look great).
  • Lots of tiny white lights were strung close to the trunk.
  • Gold beaded garland covers light wires.
  • Several gold beaded picks start the fun.
  • Then we added gold feather picks from the floral department.
  • A gold poinsettia bush was cut apart for more texture.
  • Inexpensive gold balls in three sizes (small, medium, and large) add a hard, shiny contrast to all the fluff and reflect the sparkle of the lights. Large ones were tucked into the branches, medium and small ones out to the edges.
  • The sprawl of Christmas gifts is corralled by hiding them on the floor under the table cloth.

The floral department can be a terrific place to turn your creativity loose and create a one-of-a-kind tree that helps you sell your home.

When is the best time to take down your Christmas tree? No later than New Year's Day.

Make the Bathrooms Beautiful

Inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas can make a big difference when selling your home. New towels, in current fashion colors, are a must. 

Let your imagination go. Towels can be tied with feathers, beads, flowers...the possibilities are endless. Fun ideas, pictures, and decorator secrets in more inexpensive decorating ideas.

Staging a bathroom to look like a model home is all about adding the fun touches that are irresistible to buyers. If you can trigger the emotion of excitement in a buyer and get them to dream about living in your home, they will move heaven and earth to buy it. 

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