Colorado Cabin Remodel

"No home is hopeless."

The Story

Colorado Cabin Remodel

This little cabin nestled in wildflowers and pine trees near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado just wasn't living up to its potential.

The view was spectacular in all directions, but you couldn't see it because there were no windows along the sides. And the cabin itself was, well...ugly.

The sliding glass doors hadn't locked in years, and were held shut by two boards. The living room and dining room were full of old stuff.

And "wall-to-wall" matted shag carpet.

The kitchen was dark, too, with an olive green sink.

The bedroom wasn't much better.

But worst of all...was the bathroom.

The Cabin Gets a New Look and a Name: "Bird's Nest"

The cabin was gutted and outfitted with new windows, all around.

A bigger porch, pretty red shutters, a new porch light, and some sparkly mirrors say "Welcome!"

A brand new kitchen with marble counter top has lots of windows so you can look out on the Mummy Range while you cook.

The living room has a new wood stove, hardwood floors, and a theme that honors the Native American Indians who once lived and roamed in the area.

The hallway is brighter.

The bedroom is cozy, and at night you can lay in bed, look out the window and fall asleep watching millions of twinkling stars.

In the bathroom, no more water heater! Just a small, energy efficient tank-less hot water unit. A new vanity with a black granite countertop, and a shower and tub add a tiny touch of luxury.

The only thing that stayed the the view.

Stay at Bird's Nest

Contact Bird's Nest VRBO 341097 for rates and reservations.

Current weather in the village of Red Feather Lakes.

What One Couple Liked About Bird's Nest

The Dating Husband took his wife to Bird's Nest for their fifth wedding anniversary.

Have You Considered a Solar Conversion?

Solar energy is clean, efficient and cost effective if you live in an area that receives abundant sunshine. Colorado has nearly 300 days of sun per year!

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