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Decorating a Dessert or Beverage Bar

Decorating Dessert or Beverage Bar

Decorating a Dessert or Beverage Bar

Emotion sells homes and serving areas present a fabulous opportunity for a little fun. Excite your buyer and help them imagine how great it would be living and entertaining in your home. If you can capture their imagination, you can get the sale.

Even the most expensive home will look dull and unexciting sitting empty. Tell a little story with some well-chosen accessories. Choose items appropriate to the home. A high-end home will require something a little more elegant than a cute cottage.

This is fun and it's easy to get carried away. So remember, your goal is to sell the house, not the staging.

Serving Area Off the Dining Room

Staging Details

  • Imagine dessert after a lovely dinner.
  • A tray with four coffee cups, a stack of dessert plates, and mound of fake strawberries spilling onto a tray.
  • Soften the corner with potted silk geraniums. Red of course to echo the strawberries.
  • Black and white accents add contrast without competing with the granite, which is the star of the show.
  • Keep the color scheme simple and consistent. Your goal is to draw attention to the granite, the under-counter lighting, and the display shelf.

Basement Family Room Bar

Staging Details

  • Imagine a cheese and wine evening with friends.
  • A vintage tavern art print complements the colors and the mood.
  • Fake lemons echo the yellow in the art print. Elevate one in a glass.
  • Another tray holds a bottle of wine, and some fake cheese and grapes. Don't put out real wine, fill an empty bottle with water and cork it.
  • Always soften a corner with some Greenery.

Tiny Side Counter in a Small Kitchen

Staging Details

  • Martini time!
  • Many recipe books are as pretty as art. Stand one up and let it start the story.
  • Stage a tray with two fake martini glasses, some lemons and a lime.
  • Fill the corner with a small pot of artificial grass.
  • Fill martini glasses halfway with some glass pebbles.

Basement Family Room Bar and Wine Cellar

Staging Details

  • Come see the wine cellar!
  • In luxury homes, lead the buyer to appreciate the amenities and finishes by decorating with minimal, high-quality accents.
  • A tall bamboo is the right scale for the generous ceiling.
  • A tray with classy barware sits on the top counter.
  • A commanding piece of pottery resonates with the stone and granite.
  • The tall iron sculpture echoes the cast iron door leading to the wine cellar.
  • A lamp on the end of the counter adds soft, romantic light.

There is nothing random about effective staging. Everything should connect, reflect and enhance the best attributes of the home.

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Decorating a Dessert or Beverage Bar

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