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Decorating a Dining Room Buffet

Decorating a Dining Room Buffet

Decorating a dining room buffet will add style to your dining room and help the buyer dream of a future in your home. One where they can create happy memories with friends and loved ones.

A crowded dining room is a turn-off to buyers so make sure your dining room feels as large and roomy as possible (see how in arranging furniture).  If you're one of the lucky ones and your dining room is large enough for a buffet or sideboard, go all out to make it as fabulous as possible. 

Guidelines for Decorating a Dining Room Buffet

  • Use art and mirrors to create a stunning backdrop. 
  • Let symmetry add harmony and balance. Examples of symmetry are: two matching lamps on either end, or two tall matching candlesticks.
  • Vary the heights of the objects in the middle.
  • Keep your color scheme consistent with the rest of the house.
  • Set up a fun display of fake food or beverages.
  • Add a classy floral arrangement or some greenery.
  • Keep it tasteful and simple. Always remember you're selling the house, not the staging.

High-End Home


  • A large mirror is the perfect backdrop for reflecting tall windows, the dining room table, and candlelight in the tall matching candlesticks.
  • A metal plate on an easel and a beautiful piece of pottery add interest to the middle of the buffet.
  • Some silk greenery softens the transition between the plate and pottery and adds that vital touch of green.

Antique Buffet in an Elegant Old Home


  • A mirror is a good choice for this buffet because the room is dark. Since this antique buffet is extra wide, the large mirror in the middle wasn't enough. We supplemented with two matching gilded mirrors on either side.
  • Two warmly lit glass lamps frame the arrangement.
  • Fake pears and tiny red apples on a pedestal platter add color and fun.
  • Perrier bottles and glasses are a favorite with stagers.
  • Finish with an elegant silk floral arrangement of white hyacinths.

Dining Room Buffet in a Smaller Dining Room


  • In a dining room too small for a real buffet, a side table provides the suggestion of a buffet and styles a large blank wall.
  • Three matching prints fill the wall space. 
  • Side chairs have a place to "park," allowing the dining room to feel as spacious as possible.
  • The "buffet" plays a supporting role to the beautifully decorated dining room table. 
  • Finish with a small fern, a pretty ceramic, and two glass pieces in a complementary color scheme.

Try experimenting with some of these ideas to add more excitement to your dining room and get more tips and ideas at building a table display.

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