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Decorating a Small Living Room Dining Room

Decorating a Small Living Room Dining Room

Decorating a Small Living Room Dining Room

There are many condos on the market with one room serving as living room and dining room and it's a challenge to make them look roomy and inviting. Stagers have perfected the art, b
ecause making a small room feel big can help sell a home.

Smaller condos frequently have a living room and dining room combined into one, like a small apartment. This is a typical situation in senior communities. The condos are designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. But arranging furniture can be a headache.

These rooms are rectangles with one large expanse of wall and several openings (kitchen, hallway and lanai).



Staging Details:

  1. We angled the sofa in the corner. This breaks up the "boxy" look and allows the use of larger furniture.
  2. Artificial tree in the corner behind the sofa adds color, height, and texture to a bland backdrop. This is also a good spot for a floor lamp instead of a tree.
  3. Glass bookshelf leads the eye higher giving it a pleasing "up and down" path to follow.
  4. Large piece of art balances the rest of the empty space.
  5. Dining area is suggested with a small table and two chairs.
  6. An end table with a lamp would also look good on the right side of the sofa.

Finishing Touches for Decorating a Small Living Room Dining Room

Sitting Area

  1. One accent color, in this case red.
  2. Coffee table has only three items (odd number) and they vary in height: tall, medium and small.
  3. Spikey greenery looks fresh and interesting.


  1. Two cranes on the top shelf take the eye higher than the picture. An up and down pattern as you look around a room is pleasing. Think of mountains.
  2. See-through glass shelves keep from overpowering the wall.
  3. One item per shelf is more than enough. Vary the shapes and sizes, playing around with this until it "feels" right.
  4. Don't forget a touch of greenery.

Dining Area

  1. It's okay to use a patio table and chairs when staging a small dining space. They're light, airy, and they make the room seem larger.
  2. Set a pretty table.
  3. Suggest a lovely meal. This is like a theater set, that's why they call it "staging."

More Dining Room Staging IdeasStaging a dining room is a powerful way to tickle a buyer's imagination. You want them to walk in and instantly think: "I want to live here!"

Living Room StagingStaging any area of the house, particularly a living room, requires a delicate balance between making it inviting and interesting, while resisting the urge to add so many things that it becomes distracting. Always remember, your goal is to sell the house.

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