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Healthy Homes

Decorating Trends 2012 Healthy Homes

The desire for a healthy home is more than a decorating trend. It's a major paradigm shift.

There is more and more evidence of the negative impact of environmental toxins on our planet and our health. Many of us aren't aware (unless we have allergies or a child with allergies) that paint odors, stains, and chemicals used in manufacturing can make us sick.

Until recently, there were no other options. However, as awareness grows, so does demand. A large movement of concerned individuals is calling manufacturers to task on this issue and they're beginning to listen. Following are some of the healthier choices that are just as attractive as the old way of doing things.

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Top Ways to Ensure a Healthy Home

  • Look for furniture made of sustainable wood with no added urea-formaldehyde
  • Buy low-VOC paint and stains. These are coatings you can't smell
  • Ask for natural fabric rugs that are colored with vegetable dyes
  • Choose sustainable wood from forests that are allowed to grow back faster than they are cut. This helps keep the earth safe and habitable for humans
  • Enjoy gentle fabrics softened with beeswax and aloe vera
  • Discover the beauty of recycled, nonporous counter tops made of quartz. No sealers or toxic cleaners required
  • Buy energy saving appliances and save money
  • Explore the advantages of induction cooking, the most energy efficient, fastest and safest way to cook
  • Enjoy the comfort and beauty of organic, undyed wool fiber rugs
  • Consider the unique look of reclaimed lumber finishes from trees felled in a storm
  • Explore decorating with locally produced tiles made of bronze, a metal that can be recycled repeatedly
  • Choose 100% organic sheets colored with plant-based dyes
  • Conserve water with faucets, toilets and plumbing fixtures designed for that purpose

You can get more information on this topic, including manufacturers of healthy home products at Green Space Healthy Home.

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