Decorating Trends December 2011
New Ideas for Glass Ornaments

Decorating Trends December 2011

Re-using and re-purposing are positive trends in 2011 and they unleash a wealth of creativity.

Glass ornaments are beautiful on the tree, but there are lots of other ways to enjoy them. Think outside the box for creative ways to display your special ornaments. Following are some tips to make your arrangements more beautiful, and some ideas to get you started.

Tips for Displaying Glass Ornaments

  1. Color - Linking your holiday color scheme to the colors already in your home will create a stronger impact and a feeling of harmony. That doesn't necessarily mean that everything has to "match." What's more important is to use the same color value. Color value refers to the strength of the shade. If your home is decorated with pastels, pastel ornaments will look prettier than the traditional shades of Christmas red and green.

  2. Size - Vary the size of the ornaments in your display: small, medium and large.

  3. Shimmer - Including some ornaments with mirror surfaces and glitter will make your displays come to life.

  4. Placement - Not all ornaments have to be on tabletops. Surprise and delight with ornaments in unexpected places.

Ideas for Decorating with Glass Ornaments

Give the Cook Something Pretty to Look At

Country Living

How to Do It

  • Hang a couple of beautiful glass balls from a rod with fishing line or ribbon
  • Vary the heights
  • Add three glass snowflakes
  • Cover the rod with some simple greenery
  • Two tiny evergreens in silver pots complete a picture perfect frame

Create a Vintage Vignette for a Side Table

Country Living

How to Do It

  • Combine your vintage ornaments in a couple of different sized antique bowls
  • Add some height to the display with an old photo that brings back special memories
  • A stack of pretty books wrapped with rich velvet ribbon provides color and interest

Dress Up the Chandelier

Country Living

How to Do It

  • Hang some ornaments at different levels from your chandelier
  • Swag a string of gold beads and silver tinsel around the arms
  • Add a touch of greenery

Decorate a Pretty Mirror

Country Living

How to Do It

  • Start with a pretty mirror
  • Use some fresh greenery for your base (refresh if it starts to look brown or wilted)
  • Add a cluster of your favorite ornaments

Get Your Silver Tray into the Act

Country Living

How to Do It

  • Polish a beautiful silver tray to a high shine
  • Add some gold and silver ornaments
  • For some extra dazzle, include mirror ball ornaments. When the sun hits them, they will create shimmers of light on your walls and ceiling

Create a Welcoming Entry

Martha Stewart

How to Do It

  • Lay a bed of fresh or artificial greenery in an urn
  • Load it up with different sized ornaments in silver and soft shades of red and green
  • Note: the urn is the same shade of pale green as some of the ornaments. Details like this will make your display pop

Dress-up Your Buffet

Country Living

How to Do It

  • Wire some tiny glass ornaments onto a strand of artificial greenery
  • Tightly coil cloth dinner napkins and pile them into a pyramid shape on top of a polished silver platter
  • Tie the napkins with the decorated strand of greenery

Dazzle Your Drawer Handles

Nell Hill's

How to Do It

  • Choose a color you want to emphasize in your home
  • Tie a glass acorn and a glass pinecone with a thin matching satin ribbon
  • Dangle from a drawer handle

Make a Winter Wonderland Tree

Vicki Archer

This idea comes from one of my favorite blogs, French Essence, where I am continually inspired by the beauty of Paris and Provence.

How to Do It

  • Find a sturdy branch with character, and spray-paint it silver
  • Secure it to a strong base. In this case it's been attached to a heavy metal plate. You don't want your lovely ornaments to fall over and break
  • Hang your most interesting ornaments for the delight of inquisitive eyes of all ages

Happy Holidays!

Decorating Trends December 2011 Decorating Trends December 2011 Decorating Trends December 2011

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