Decorating Trends for January 2011

Decorating Trends for January 2011
Somewhere, there is a panel of designers who decided which colors would be popular in 2011. These decorating trends are designed years in advance. And they change incrementally each year and each season to entice the buyer with new and irresistible offerings.

Some trends last longer than others, but eventually you notice a major shift. That's why if you still like your Hunter's green and burgundy shower curtain, you can't find towels to go with it anymore.

Keeping up with trends make sense if you want your home to look fresh and interesting. And it makes even more sense if you want to sell it. Home buyers like what's new. And a lot of buyers like the Pottery Barn look. Here are some of my favorite new trends available at Pottery Barn in January 2011.

Satin nickel and oiled rubbed bronze are still popular, but shiny chrome is making a comeback.

Chrome fixtures can add just a little more sparkle to the bath.

Mahogany wood looks warm on a winter day.

Neutral tan wall color is always good. But see how fresh Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies looks in this bedroom?

Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies # OC-48

With a butterfly pillow to go with it.

And a flower pillow.

A robin pillow says Spring is on its way.

Chalkboard paint is fun. Try it in the kitchen or a child's bedroom.

This is one of the pretty new greens for 2011.

Lanterns are a very popular decorating accessory adding charming candlelight
on these cold winter evenings.
In the summer, they'll make your patio inviting.

How do you like architectural woods?

Mercury glass has been popular for awhile. But burlap lampshades are new.

Putting it all together. A fresh, clean start to the New Year. Cozy, comfortable and stylish.

If you like this look, see how you can adapt it to your home. Once you know what the trends are, you can shop around. It's always fun to find something special at a good price. Happy New Year!

This series of decorating trends will be continued monthly.

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