Decorating Trends June 2011
Time to go Outside!

Tips, Ideas and Decorating Trends June 2011
It's June and time to enjoy some outdoor living and entertaining! When setting up your outdoor spaces, engage all the senses.

The following tips will help you create a dazzling effect:

  • Create groupings of furniture

  • Add lights at different levels

  • Hang architectural metal on your walls

  • Include different textures like wood, stone, metal, pottery, wicker, glass and textiles

  • Use plants that add fragrance to the air

  • Finish with the sound of splashing water

Whether you own outdoor furniture, or not, find a shady spot somewhere and set up a table and chairs. Stick with a simple color scheme, like this white and yellow one that will glow towards evening. String lights overhead for evening magic.

Mercury glass globe lights from Pottery Barn are particularly nice.

String some lights around your umbrella, too!

Watch a movie outdoors, or a ball game, or your own home videos. Set up some cozy seating, add comfortable pillows, and soft overhead lights for a relaxing and memorable evening.

Wicker pendant lights from Pottery Barn add lovely texture and soft lighting.

Pillows were never prettier. So many colors and patterns to choose from.

How about taking your work outside?

Soothe your soul with the splashing water of a fountain.

Use your creativity and start dreaming about your special outdoor space. For more ideas, check out Pottery Barn Outdoor Before and Afters. And Pond and Fountain World for amazing water features and all kinds of fountains.

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