Decorating Trends November 2011
Beautiful, Natural and Easy

Decorating Trends November 2011
This month we continue to focus on the "natural" trend in decorating and see how it can brighten your holidays in a sweet and easy way. Many of these items are readily available and easy on your pocketbook. The magic is in how you put them all together.

Some of the loveliest holiday decorations are also some of the simplest. Branches, berries, candles, fruit and flowers arranged in containers you already own and sprinkled with liberal doses of love and thanksgiving. This is the true spirit of the holidays. Simplify, and give yourself the gift of time with those you love.

Seven Tips for Stunning Centerpieces and Arrangements

  1. Vary the heights in your arrangement: include something tall, medium and small

  2. Vary the sizes of the items in your arrangement: small, medium and large

  3. Include different textures: smooth, hard, delicate, rough

  4. Add a touch of something with a little shimmer, like a mirrored surface for reflection

  5. Include something dark to play off the light shades and something light to accent the dark ones

  6. Include candles whenever possible

  7. Coordinate your arrangement color with the colors already in your home to make your decorations even more stunning

Gourds, Antlers and Candles

How to Do It

  • Start with something tall, like the black candelabra (also provides dark contrast to the light wall)

  • Add a pedestal plate to allow the heights to transition from tall to short. The brass pedestal is shiny and reflects the small votive candles

  • Begin layering gourds and pumpkins in different sizes from large to small

  • Antlers are a surprise, but fit in beautifully mimicking the curves of the candelabra and adding interesting texture and shape

  • Delicate vines with berries soften the look

Edible Basket of Pears

How to Do It

  • Although this arrangement is fairly flat so as not to interfere with conversation, the basket handle adds a little height

  • Start with dark greenery in the bottom of the basket to provide some contrast to the pears

  • Fill with pears that can later be eaten

  • Add color, softness and texture with satin ribbon and bows

  • Make it pop with gold leaves (you can spray paint your own)

Twigs and Vines Dress a Mantle

How to Do It

  • Cut a bundle of twigs from your yard, shape them into a teepee and secure with neatly wrapped twine (or buy them at Pottery Barn ). Place them to the side of a mirror and overlap slightly so you can see their reflection

  • Drape some curly vines over the mirror

  • Add several candles in different heights (Caution: keep flame away from vines and twigs or use battery operated candles)

  • Fill in the heights with small stacks of books, picture frames,and baskets in a coordinating color scheme

Do You Love the Way Your Arrangement Turned Out?

Tell us about it and include a picture! Share your success!

Decorating Trends November 2011

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