Decorating with a Wine Rack

Decorating with a wine rack can be an easy and inexpensive way to add color and interest to your home. However, location matters. Think of your wine rack as a puzzle piece. Where will this piece fit best in terms of size, shape, and color?

A lot of homeowners realize just how crowded their homes are when they decide to sell them. Frequently items have to be removed from a room for it to feel open and roomy. Occasionally, you can find a new spot for something that will make both rooms more attractive.

In this small suburban ranch, the dining room was too crowded. And the kitchen had an empty nook at the back door set up as a pet feeding station. Functional, but not particularly attractive. Since the house was going on the market, details like this mattered.

Kitchen Before Wine Rack

Kitchen After Wine Rack

What Happened in this Room?

  • The wine rack was moved from a walkway that crowded an already small dining room

  • The kitchen nook needed a little dressing up, and the wine rack fit perfectly

  • You don't have to fill every slot of the wine rack, just stager the bottles to make it interesting

  • Wine bottles come in many beautiful colors. Choose colors that complement the look of your home

  • A pretty plant on top of the wine rack is a nice finishing touch

The Outcome?

This cute suburban ranch was under contract in under two and one half weeks in spite of the soft realestate market. See more before and after pictures of this home in arranging furniture in a
suburban ranch living room
and small dining room.

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