Decorating with Greenery and Plants

Decorating with greenery will add charm and beauty to your home. There's nothing like a fresh, healthy plant. It shimmers in the sunlight and cleans the air in your home. Live plants are relatively easy to care for once you figure out their basic requirement of light and water. But in order to enhance your decor they must be clean and robust.

If you don't have the proper light, or don't water regularly, they will take on a spindly, sickly appearance and be a turn-off to buyers. Fake greenery makes sense when selling your home because quality artificial plants always look good.

Basic Guidelines for Decorating with Greenery and Plants

  • Include at least one plant per room, they're magic

  • Match the size and shape of the plant to the size and shape of the space. Tall plants for big empty corners, smaller plants for bookshelves, counters, desks, etc.

  • Vary the heights; tall, medium, small

  • Keep them meticulously clean and dust-free

  • It is possible to over-do it. If it feels like a jungle, it's too much

Put a small plant on the back of a toilet.

A tall palm makes a perfect divider between a tiny living room and dining room.
A coffee table plant adds a little punch.

Greenery is a must for kitchens. Use artificial ivy to soften counter corners.

Use greenery on bookshelves. I like ivy and philodendrons because they spill over the edges.

Put a small plant on a desk, next to a photo frame. A tall floor palm makes a nice backdrop.

Plants look beautiful in a dressing area, too.

Plants add interest to a ledge.

Let some ivy spill off the top of tall kitchen cabinets.

End tables look great with ivy.

Always add some greenery to soften a display of decorative items.

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