Decorator Insider Secrets On How To
Select Kitchen Tile

Deciding on a tile for your back-splash can be pretty overwhelming. Here are some decorator insider secrets on how to select kitchen tile when you have so many beautiful options.

I prefer to start with the kitchen cabinet color and build from there. I want all the finishes to not necessarily match, but to be in harmony with each other. So having sample swatches with you when you shop is important.

For this house I decided on a sunset maple finish cabinet.

I had a color brochure of the cabinets with me when I went to shop for the tile so I could see how the different tile selections looked.

I fell in love with this Iron Brown Porcelain tile. It has a soft gray-green tint that's very popular, a hint of the rust that's in the cabinets, and an exciting edgy metallic look that's perfect for a remodel in a hot new area of Denver.

To keep it from looking too industrial, I thought a black glass and stainless steel mosaic trim might add a little shimmer and fun.

Next decision was which Cambria stone slab counter to put with it? I was drawn to the one on the right (Hyde Park). I liked it's subtle green tint because it looked fresh and calming.

But the sample on the left had black specks which I liked with the glass tile trim.

Sometimes it's hard to make a decision. This is where I go with my intuition. When I get a flutter of excitement, I know this is it. I chose the Hyde Park on the right.

Putting it all together. The results were exactly what I wanted. An elegant, calm workspace with a touch of fun. A kitchen that will add enjoyment to your home now, and an increase in value when the time comes to sell.

Decorator Insider Secrets on How to Select Kitchen Tile When
Choosing Your Kitchen Tile

  • Make the biggest decision first. Kitchen cabinets will take up more space in your kitchen than anything else

  • Build from there choosing selections you like that get along with each other

  • Trust your instincts

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