Deliver the Buyer's Dream Home

The purpose of staging is to help the buyer imagine your home as their dream home. You may think you’re selling bricks and mortar and bedrooms and baths, but the buyer is looking for the perfect place to start the next phase of their life.

First house, newlyweds, new parents, single and free, or single again, growing family, empty nesters, retirees, they’re all looking for the same thing, the fulfillment of a dream. And they know it when they find it. They feel excitement and their mind starts racing with the scenarios and possibilities of happiness in this home.

If you can fully grasp this concept and deliver that dream to the buyer from the first moment they drive up to your house, if they can see themselves living and entertaining in your home, they will move heaven and earth to buy it.

Some people can walk into any home, whatever the condition, and visualize multiple possibilities for creating charm and ambiance. These people are rare.

Your average buyer will only be able to see what’s in front of them. If you have a large room filled with too much furniture and memorabilia, they’re going to perceive it as small and cluttered.

If you have dark paint on the walls and closed window coverings, the buyer is going to think it’s dark and depressing. If you have toys all over the yard and grass that’s too long or no grass at all, they will think “I couldn’t possibly have a barbecue in this backyard!”

They will dismiss your house as unsuitable and go on to the next one.

Dave's Story

Dave purchased an average looking penthouse condo on the top floor of a building with amazing views. Dave liked the views and the location so much that he totally remodeled the unit with custom built-in cabinetry, new tile throughout, high-end light fixtures, plumbing and appliances (without any thought of getting a return on his investment).

Then Dave had a great offer to work in another city. He moved all his furniture out and listed the condo, where it sat empty for more than a year. Many lookers, but no offers. Feedback from buyers was "it's too white."

Most buyers can not see the possibilities in a room with only two red lawn chairs, a desk chair, and a coffee table. As a last resort, the realtor convinced Dave to try staging.

Dave refused to paint because he had already invested so much money in the condo, but he was willing to try adding some furniture and accessories.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

What Happened?

Dave got several offers.

Unfortunately, he had spent so much money remodeling that the offers didn't come close to his investment. So, he refused to sell. However, one family liked the home so much that they convinced him to rent it to them, indefinitely. Dave was happy to offset expenses with the rental income and willing to hang on to the penthouse until real estate prices improved.

Before considering very large improvements consult a good realtor (familiar with pricing in your area) to avoid spending more on your home than you could hope to recover.

Staging Delivers the Dream

There are two morals to this story:

  • Keep resale value in mind when making large improvements. No matter how much you like it, no one is going to pay $500,000 for a penthouse in a community where the average value is $250,000 (in fact no bank will loan on a property like that)

  • If you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar (or rent it to offset expenses, as in this case), it is critically important to help each potential buyer that walks through your door begin to fantasize about living there

    • The cozy chair by a sunny window where they can have their cup of coffee in the morning
    • The place where they can unwind at the end of the day
    • The perfect kitchen to cook meals for family and friends (whether they cook or not)
    • The welcoming rooms and gardens where they can gather with those who are special in their lives to share meals, laughter, love and memories

    If you can fully grasp the importance of delivering the buyer's dream home, then you will have a huge advantage over the competition.

    Ready to move forward in preparing your home for a quick and profitable sale?

    Next Step: "See" what the home buyer sees, so you can deliver their dream home.

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