"Help! My Home Decorating or Staging
Challenge is..."

Whatever your decorating or staging challenge, help is on the way. When it's your particular situation, it may seem impossible. But sometimes that's because you're too close to the problem. In fact, there are many solutions to every decorating or staging challenge. You just have to find one.

Whenever I'm faced with a difficult challenge, I remind myself of four things:

  • There is a solution, frequently more than one

  • I will find that solution

  • I never assume an idea won't work

  • Just try it

Sometimes I've been so taken back by the challenge before me, that I begin looking for a solution and forget to take before pictures. Invariably, those have turned out to be some of the best rooms because they're unique. Here are a couple of solutions where I did remember to take pictures.

What Do You Do With an Empty Kitchen TV Niche?

Kitchen Wall Niche Before

Kitchen Wall Niche After

Finding the Staging Solution

  • The owner had a TV and a cable connection in the niche before they moved out. A previous stager tried to fill it with a bowl

  • There's a lot of empty wall space between the bowl and the top of the niche, perfect for a small picture with a kitchen garden theme

  • Red and green tomatoes (fake) pick out the colors in the picture

  • A little green ivy softens the transition

  • We've just created a kitchen story book scene and a believable purpose for the bowl

What Do You Do With a Long, Narrow Solarium?

Solarium Before

Solarium After

Finding the Staging Solution

  • You could put in another furniture arrangement, but that would be pretty predictable and kind of boring

  • How about a game table borrowed from another area of the house?

  • Set up a chess game in progress. Add a small pot of greenery and set the stage for a relaxing, sunny afternoon

Now It's Your Turn

Let's double the fun and see what you can come up with. What home decorating or staging challenge have you been struggling with? Tell us about it. We can help!

Help! My Home Decorating or Staging Challenge is...

Have you run up against a brick wall, literally, with some aspect of your home? A fireplace with no mantle, a wall that slopes in a strange direction, an outdated bathroom or kitchen that's driving you crazy, a limited budget with which to tackle your problem?

Help is on the way! I'll give you my best ideas and suggestions, and we'll open it up to readers and see what they think. Then, you can tell us what worked.

Don't despair and never give up. There are many solutions to every problem. Frequently the most challenging situations provide the climate for a unique and charming room.

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