Home Organization Tips Declutter Drawers

Home Organization Tips Declutter Drawers
Would you like to add more minutes to your day and more money to your bank account? Get organized.

Time and Money Wasters

  • How much time do you spend looking for keys, sunglasses, your cell phone?

  • How much money are you losing in late fees and interest by not paying bills on time?

  • How much time and money are you wasting buying stamps, tools and supplies, over and over again, because you can't find them when you need them?

It is possible to live in a beautiful and organized home without driving yourself and your family crazy. It just takes a little education and the will to develop some new habits. The payoff will be less stress in your life, and alot more time and money for fun.

Resolve to develop a different way of doing ordinary things. Stick with it for three weeks and you've created a new habit. One that works for you, instead of against you.

Tips to Help You Get Organized

  • Start Small
    A small job is easier to tackle and tricks your mind into not feeling overwhelmed

  • Make it Pretty
    Add some color and creativity. It lifts your spirits and makes you want to tackle the next project

Start by Decluttering a Drawer

  • How long will it take?
    Allow 15 minutes

  • How can I make it fun?
    Do it while watching TV, listening to music, or visiting with a friend or family member

  • What will I need to get the job done?
    • Wastebasket
    • Scrap paper for testing pens
    • Drawer dividers or cupcake tins
    • Rubber bands to corral extra pencils and pens
    • Zip lock bags for small items like extra paper clips
    • Bins or boxes to store items you need but don't have room for in the drawer

More Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

How to Do It

  • Dump everything out of the drawer onto a table or the floor
  • Sort similar items (pens, pencils, nails, paper clips) into piles. Children LOVE to help with this job
  • Test all pens and toss any that don't work
  • Throw away anything you don't need
  • Fit the drawer with organizers or a cupcake tin
  • Put back just enough items for every day use
  • Put the extras neatly rubber banded or contained in zip lock bags into a labeled box or attractive bin. This becomes your own home store. Money saver!

    Beautiful Home Storage

    Better Homes and Gardens

    Copy this Inexpensive Idea!

    Better Homes and Gardens

    How to Do It

    • Find an attractive divided basket
    • Label each divider
    • Put it in a prominent place to make it easy to use
    • Develop the habit of parking items here every time
    • Never waste time looking for keys, phones, wallets and ID badges again!

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    Home Organization Tips Declutter Drawers Home Organization Tips Declutter Drawers Home Organization Tips Declutter Drawers

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