Home Organizing Declutter Closets

Home Organizing Declutter Closets
A beautifully organized closet is a dream come true. It's the dream of easily finding your pretty things so you can put yourself together and step out into the world looking like a million bucks. Your day starts on a better note, you have a tiny spring in your step, and all of a sudden, life is just a little more fun.

An organized closet isn't a luxury, and it doesn't cost much money. It just takes a plan and a little time. If you're selling your home, it's worth money. A beautiful closet will make a buyer swoon.

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Tips for Decluttering Your Closet

Stage One - Sorting

If you have a messy, full closet, you're going to have to make some decisions. If this is painful for you, start slow. To make it more fun, ask a really good friend to help.

  1. Take everything out and sort into one of the following piles:

    • I love it and I could wear it today
    • I love it and I wear it, but it's the wrong season
    • I'm not wearing it for some reason (it doesn't fit, it's wrinkled, it has a rip, it's old fashioned, I don't feel fantastic when I wear it...)
  2. Put back all the "I love it and I could wear it today"

  3. Is there room in the closet for the "I love it and I wear it, but it's the wrong season?"

    • Yes?
      Put those back, too

    • No?
      Find someplace else to store your out-of-season clothes:
      • Another closet?
      • Flat, clear bins that you can store under your bed?

  4. Time to sort the pile that's left over. There is a good reason why you're not wearing these things and it's time to find out why they're taking up valuable space in your life.

    • Ask yourself:
      • Does it fit and do I love it?
      • Do I feel great when I wear it?

    • Yes?
      • Does it need cleaning?
      • Does it need mending?
      • Make a plan to take care of it and put it on your "To Do" list
    • No?
      • Give it away
      • Can't bear to part with it yet? Put it in "layaway." Pack it in a cardboard box, label and date it, and put it in storage. If you haven't gone looking for it in a year, then you can give it away.

Stage Two - Organizing and Making it Pretty

Why bother organizing your closet and making it pretty? Because you deserve it! Life is challenging enough without a closet that's more like a daily obstacle course. Take time to create a functional and special closet and you'll have something to look forward to every single day. Organizing a Pretty Closet home organizing declutter closets home organizing declutter closets

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