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Inexpensive Bathroom Decorating Ideas
and Tricks with Towels

Inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas can make a big difference when selling your home. New towels, in current fashion colors, are a must. They cost as little as $5 a piece (Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, TJ Maxx), and are a smart investment.

If you want to sell your home for top dollar, always remember that staging is not decorating, it's marketing. Your goal is to show the buyer that your home is the perfect home for them. Try some of these easy ideas to show off the best attributes of your bathroom.

Bath Towel Wrapped with a Hand Towel

Staging Details:

  • Walls were painted a neutral color.
  • The painting sets the color scheme and is hung above a towel rack in the most visible spot. The reflection in the mirror is a bonus.
  • Large red vase holds a long stem of ginger to add drama and draw attention to the vaulted ceiling.
  • A sprig of ivy wrapped around a pretty candle shows off the left side of the large vanity.
  • Lush black velour towel is wrapped with a different textured red velour hand towel. Neatly fold the hand towel, wrap it around the middle of the bath towel and secure it in back with some large safety pins.
  • Notice the hand towel on the ring behind the ginger? Ideally, I would have removed the towel ring. Too cluttered. But seller was elderly and couldn't do it, so we just put a small red hand towel on it. Black towel might have looked better.

Towels with Tassels

Staging Details:

  • Walls were painted a neutral beige.
  • Artwork sets the color scheme: soft reds, golds and brown. Pictures are hung over the towel bars and are most visible on entry. Mirror reflects second piece of art and the other set of towels.
  • Shower curtain, small floral on the vanity, and towels coordinate with art.
  • Smaller hand towel (gold) is neatly folded in thirds and layered over darker towel (red).
  • A large, chunky, rich looking tassel in deep red and brown is neatly draped over the towels and secured in the back with a safety pin.

Large Bathtub "Dressed-Up"

Staging Details:

  • Even the most elegant jacuzzi will look stark and cold until softened with plants and towels. Start with a medium sized floor plant in the corner.
  • Fold a bath towel in thirds and roll it tightly. Repeat with a hand towel in a different but coordinating color. Stack them and tie with a sheer organza ribbon. The gold ribbon matches the bath fixtures.
  • Add two more small hand towels.

Dressing Up a Large Towel Bar

Staging Details:

  • This black and white bathroom has a towel bar that's big enough for two bath towels. I like to put the darker towel on the bottom and layer with a lighter hand towel on top. Red gives it a nice punch.
  • Tie a sheer red organza ribbon all the way around the towel set.
  • Finish with a small green plant.

Wrapping Up Inexpensive Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Using towels in fun and creative ways is one of the best inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas. When decorating with towels, the following guidelines will help to ensure a successful and beautiful outcome:

  1. Keep your color scheme simple and consistent with what's already in the bathroom. Usually one color and a neutral (black, tan, brown) works best.
  2. Use only clean, new towels.
  3. Fold towels neat and tight. Make sure to line up the edges.
  4. Use only fresh, clean ribbon and tie a simple but generous bow.
  5. Don't overdo it. Step back, take something away, see what "feels" the best. Walk out of the room and do something else for awhile. Come back in with fresh eyes. Did you get a little rush of excitement? That's what you want your buyer to feel.

More Inexpensive Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Let your imagination go. Towels can be tied with feathers, beads, flowers...the possibilities are endless. Fun ideas, pictures, and decorator secrets in more inexpensive decorating ideas.

What's Your Favorite Bathroom Towel Idea?

There is no end to great bathroom towel ideas and they're a simple and inexpensive way to create a stunning bathroom. What's your favorite?

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