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Instant Dining Room Makeover

Instant Dining Room Makeover

Dining rooms seem to get more crowded as we grow older. Families get bigger and we accumulate more furniture to host all those wonderful holiday get-togethers.

If you're selling your home, however, your buyer will be more impressed with a spacious dining room than a crowded one. They want to imagine their furniture in your home.

Dale and Martha's Story

This was going to be the second down-sizing for Dale and Martha. They had moved their beautiful cherry dining set from a large home into a retirement community.  And now they were moving again to be closer to their kids.

Their furniture was beautiful, there was just too much of it. Because there dining room was crowded, the buyer would perceive it as small.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Staging Details

  • Side table and drop leaf table were removed.
  • TV trays were packed away.
  • A round table was brought in from the crowded living room and surrounded by four chairs.
  • Art was changed to balance the china cabinet better.
  • Now a buyer can walk all around the table and marvel at how "big" the dining room is.
  • Sold in 2010 in a sluggish real estate market.

Outdated Dining Room

An outdated dining room doesn't have to be an obstacle to selling your home. When you need to sell at the highest price possible but can't afford to stage with all new furniture, creativity helps.

Staging Dining Room
Staging a dining room is a powerful way to tickle a buyer's imagination. You want them to walk in and instantly think: "I want to live here!" When your home creates that kind of emotion, a buyer will move heaven and earth to buy it.

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