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Long Bedroom Blues Solution

Long Bedroom Blues Solution

Some of the most charming rooms start out as "ugly ducklings." Oddly shaped rooms and wierd spaces can challenge us to think in new ways. Focus on what you most want in your room, then let the creativity bubble up and surprise you.

The Problem

Andrew from Ferntree Gully, Vic, Australia writes:

We are renovating the bedroom /ensuite & bathroom. Just coming up with a design is hard work. I can really appreciate the work designers do now. We have plenty of space in the master bedroom, but it's hard to fit anything in due to the shape, and position of windows and doors.

Door is located at the end of a hallway (bottom right on pic). At the left side of the bedroom we have a great view we want to make the most of. Currently there is a door + window using half the space, but we are thinking about opening it up and have a sliding door / window across the whole wall with access to the balcony.

We have a door to the ensuite in top right of the pic, so we can't really put a walk in / wardrobe there, and if it went on the other side it would partially block the view. If the only option is to have a wardrobe on the left, we'll just have to go with a smaller sliding door / window.

In an ideal world, we would have a walk in wardrobe on the way to the ensuite. My concern with that is it'll be the first thing you walk into when you enter the room, and depending on how close to the bedroom it comes, it may be difficult getting furniture in.

I've tried to draw some options that I thought of. Not really drawn to scale. I do like the idea of having drawers behind the bed, as we can cut into the other side to use as a ledge, as there's no room for side tables. If space permits, I'll have a chair in the corner where the window is to sit and enjoy the view.

Please let me know of any suggestions. - Andrew

Finding the Best Solution

Since you're adding closets to your long, narrow, master bedroom, you have the perfect opportunity to "re-contour" the shape of the room to more "perfect" proportions in line with the "golden mean."

We rarely get everything we want, exactly the way we want it. But that doesn't require giving up on our dream. There is always a solution:

  1. Start by deciding which items are most important to you
  2. Consider all the possible ways to make that happen
  3. Apply basic design principles (arranging furniture)
  4. Choose the best option
  5. Watch the rest of the pieces fall into place

When you get a feeling of "excitement," you've found the right solution. And remember, the basic structure of the room is just the beginning, it's the "skeleton" on which you hang, color, fabric, furnishings, finishes, light, art and accessories. Done well, it will amaze you. It will be more than just a bedroom with a view, it will be a haven, a pleasure, a positive force in how you start and end each day.

Before adding walls and hammering nails, get a visual of your plan. Homestyler is a free online tool that allows you to do just that. I've used it to generate the following images. Using the dimensions on your sketch, Andrew, this is how your idea with the dresser behind the bed might look.

The Home Decorating and Staging Solution

Keeping your top priorities in mind:

  1. Bed closest to the view
  2. Largest his and her closets possible


  • With the new large sliding glass doors you plan to install, you'll enjoy the view from bed and every time you walk into the room
  • The bed and nightstands should use no more than 10 feet, leaving approximately 12 feet for the closets
  • There's plenty of room in front of the closets to move furniture and to give the room a feeling of spaciousness
  • Since I didn't have measurements of the exact location of the door to the ensuite, I've placed it in the ideal location. It's not that expensive to move doors provided they don't interfere with plumbing
  • If the door can't be moved, you would need to reduce the size of the closet

Thank you for submitting your question, Andrew. I hope you got some good ideas.

Jul 18, 2012 - Andrew writes:

Wow. Alex you're a star !

The option you presented looks amazing. It looks very open. My wife was very excited when she saw the design. Not only have you come up with a solution that we both agree on, we are very excited about it.

I think we will definitely be going for this one. Thank you so much Alex. You're very talented. (Do you do ensuites / bathrooms too??)

Andrew, I'd be happy to take a look at your ensuite. Tell me about your problem, include your wish-list, a floor plan with measurements, and a photo, if you'd like. - Alex

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Long Bedroom Blues Solution Long Bedroom Blues Solution Long Bedroom Blues Solution Long Bedroom Blues Solution Long Bedroom Blues Solution

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