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More Inexpensive Bathroom Decorating Ideas

More Inexpensive Bathroom Decorating Ideas
The homes we love best are the ones that feel playful, fun, and effortless...like they "just happened."

Using towels in creative ways is an inexpensive way to decorate a bathroom. Towels with patterns, stripes and polka dots are back in style and are super fun. Making your bathroom extra special just might help you sell your home.

Ten Tips for Decorating with Towels

  1. Keep your color scheme simple and consistent with what's already in the bathroom.
  2. Get your inspiration from a piece of art, a shower curtain, or a towel.
  3. Choose a predominant color, an accent color, and a neutral (black, white, tan, gray, brown).
  4. Add surprise by mixing patterns.
  5. Use only clean, new towels.
  6. Fold towels neat and tight and make sure to line up the edges.
  7. Use only fresh, clean ribbons and ties.
  8. Choose a fun and unexpected accent.
  9. Include lots of texture.
  10. Build a theme, but careful...don't over-do it.

Towel Ideas and Decorator Secrets

Decorator Secret

  • This perky blue ribbon isn't random. Notice the tiny blue edge on the bottom of the towel? Same color repeated.
  • Plain ribbon would have been cute. Tiny dots...even cuter.

Decorator Secret

  • Why an ostrich feather? Texture...soft, wispy, unexpected, and fun!
  • Peak into the hall and see how the colors connect. The same gray blue in the towel is on the wall. The gold ribbon? Gold is used as a subtle accent all through the house. Catch a glimpse of it in the hall mirror.

Decorator Secret

  • This home has an exotic "travel" theme, think Africa. Towels are "tied" with chunky wood beads. Different and interesting.
  • Echo with a wood art piece above the towels.

Decorator Secret

  • More feathers! This time duck feathers. See the tiny green feather mixed in with the brown? That's what pulls this look together.
  • I think the white satin ribbon is a little wimpy. How about a green, tan, and brown plaid ribbon instead?

Decorator Secret

  • Number art! Cute idea for a child's bathroom.
  • The shower curtain sets the color scheme. A simple red towel tied with a sassy blue polka dot ribbon is just right.

Decorator Secret

  • More nature and texture. A dark brown towel tied with a green satin ribbon.
  • Tuck in some sticks and a "seed" pod.
  • Notice the textures: soft towel, smooth ribbon, stiff sticks, slick tile, shiny mirror. Coordination and contrast create surprise and excitement.

Decorator Secret

  • Colors are pulled from the picture and punched with the contrast of the dark background.
  • When mixing prints, dots and stripes look great together. So does a mix of large and small patterns.

Decorator Secret

  • Layers add richness. A solid towel on the bottom plus a striped hand towel, topped off with orchids.
  • The color that repeats and ties it all together is the dark, luscious red.

Decorator Secret

  • Back to nature. Simple solid brown towel topped by a brown striped hand towel, tied with raffia.
  • We've been tying towels with raffia for years. What's different here is there's no bow. Instead, the ends of the raffia are knotted then pulled apart and fringed like a rope. Very cute.

Thank you to the talented stylists at Lennar Homes Adonea for these fun and clever towel ideas!

Copy these ideas, or let your imagination go and come up with fun and unexpected ones of your own. Look to your collections and interests to discover your personal themes. Everybody has them.

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More inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas More inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas

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