Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Hardware for 2011

Add style and beauty to your kitchen with the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware for 2011. You will be amazed at the difference it can make.

The most popular finishes are still brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. But chrome is making a comeback, particularly in sleek urban kitchens. Sticking with the same finish in cabinet hardware and faucets will give your kitchen a professional look.

If you're remodeling to sell, the following hardware and finishes are real winners with buyers. You can see them mounted on cabinets in Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2011.

Classic Cup pulls are traditional and a great accent in bungalows, farmhouses and Victorians that are staying true to form. All three finishes are popular.

Here's the bronze version for an old fashioned look.

Brushed Nickel looks beautiful on dark mocha shaker cabinets.

The European Square Pull is beautiful in urban kitchens. It looks great on any kind of cabinet.

The European Railing Bar Pull is a sleek, contemporary look. It looks great in chrome, polished nickel or brushed nickel. Choose the longer bars for high style.

Nouveau Nickel is another urban look. It's fabulous on stainless steel cabinet doors.

And one of my favorites is the T-Bar Pull. Flush to the cabinet and perfect on the new flat panels. It's simple and sophisticated.

Replacing outdated cabinet hardware can make a big difference in your kitchen. Shop around for the best prices.

Another inexpensive update for kitchen cabinets is paint. If you have the honey oak cabinets that were so popular in the 70's and you want to sell your home, consider painting them white. White cabinets are always in style. You can see some examples in Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2011.

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