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Organize a Small Closet

Organize a Small Closet
Are you frustrated by a small closet, or no closet? Are your clothes laying around in heaps or shoved into laundry baskets because you don't know what else to do with them?

Those of us who live in older homes and apartments appreciate the charm of age, patina, built-ins and beautiful windows. We also know the shock of not having any place to put our clothes. But "necessity is the mother of invention," and every challenge presents an opportunity for a brilliant solution.

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Copy this Idea

  • Push a dresser against the wall
  • Hang a bookshelf above it
  • Organize shoes in clear plastic bins and with pictures on the front
  • Install a mirror to fit the space between the dresser and shelves for extra light and glamour
  • Install pegboard on the wall to hang jewelry
  • Paint pegboard, dresser and shelves a soothing off-white
  • Splurge on some pretty knobs for the dresser drawers

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Use Your Vertical Space

Hang as many things as possible. This creative "closet" is the depth of a bookshelf and has grooved horizontal paneling. The grooves hold hooks to store hats and handbags and would look just as great without the door. You can panel a whole room this way and hang anything without pounding nails.

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Use the Center of the Room

  • Bookshelves and beds don't have to be against the wall
  • Center your bed in the room
  • Place a large armoire behind it
  • Use the back side as a headboard
  • Add nightstands and lamps
  • Use the front of the armoire to define a private "dressing" area

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Free Your Imagination

  • Turn a flea-market piece and a wall into a "closet" with personality
  • Think of the "closet" and wall as one unit
  • Paint the inside of the shelves white or a color you love
  • Paper the wall with favorite images
  • Hang shelves and hooks on the wall to hold various items
  • Hang a swag lamp near a mirror for sparkle
  • Pull it all together with color

***Decorator Color Secret*** 

  • Stick with one or two colors and add plenty of neutrals like tan, brown, black, gray, white 
  • Or mix a lot of different colors provided they share the same VALUE. A color value is the "intensity" of the shade. For example: pastels look good together, so do jewel tones, so do citrus shades. But mixing pastels and jewel tones will feel "off."
  • Highlight with a touch of white and add drama with some black

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Claim a Corner

  • Suspend a curved shower rod from the ceiling
  • Hang wire rack organizers and clothes rods
  • Add some stacking wire drawers
  • Finish with long curtains that match your windows

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a pretty closet greet you each and every morning? Do something nice for yourself today. Take one step toward creating the closet of your dreams. You deserve it!

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Organize a Small Closet

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