Organizing Jewelry

Organizing Jewelry

Jewelry is so pretty, so fun to frustrating when you're in a hurry and it's all tangled up in a messy drawer.

If you love your jewelry, why not picture frame it and decorate your bedroom with it? Or create a pretty display on a dresser or desk. You can live in your own little jewelry boutique and have the pleasure of seeing what you want to wear.

Decorate Your Walls

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How To Do It

  • Put a narrow strip of wall to work by hanging a matching row of empty picture frames
  • Hang jewelry on stick pins inside the frames
  • For greatest visual impact group similar colors together

Image apartment therapy

How To Do It

  • Stick pin necklaces directly to the wall above a desk
  • Make it more interesting by standing a mirror against the wall
  • Create a pretty display on top of the desk and vary the heights of objects: tall, medium, small


How To Do It

  • Staple chicken wire to the back of an empty window frame
  • Hang earrings and necklaces directly on the chicken wire
  • If you don't like weathered wood, paint the frame a fun color that goes with your room

Decorate Your Dresser

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How To Do It

  • Staple gun pretty fabric or paper to a thin board, frame it, and lean it against the wall
  • Push-pin bracelets and necklaces to the board
  • Arrange bangle bracelets in coordinating different sized bowls

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How To Do It

  • Picture frame same as above
  • A tiered candy dish separates lots of pretty little things
  • A dowel in a square stand uses vertical space. A paper towel holder would work, too
  • Tiny condiment bowls are perfect for rings and pins
  • Notice how the different heights create interest and reduce clutter

Divide Your Drawers

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Fill your drawers with organizers, long ones to stack bangle bracelets and smaller ones for pins, rings, earrings.

Image Martha Stewart

Hang earrings from the rim of a tea cup, coil bead necklaces in the bottom, and arrange everything else on the saucers. A purple drawer liner (fabric or paper) makes it that much prettier.

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An ice cube tray separates rings, earrings, and thin necklaces. There is no limit to the creativity. What can you re-purpose to organize your jewelry? Organizing Jewelry

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