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Outdated Bedroom Staging

An outdated bedroom can kill a home sale. The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to buyers and it's critical to make it appear as beautiful and spacious as possible.

Brad and Mary's Story

Mary grew up in the 1960's in an affluent part of Denver. Her father was a successful businessman and their home reflected it. It was furnished and decorated with all the latest woods, furniture, wallpaper and paint. Mary's parents lived in and loved that home for more than 40 years, and never changed a thing.

A year after Mary's mother passed away, her 82 year old father decided he was ready to sell. It went on the market just as it was, and it sat there, for a year. No serious offers. What had been fashionable in 1960, was now seriously outdated.

When he became ill and passed away, Mary and Brad realized they needed help selling her dad's home. The realtor suggested hiring a home stager to make the home as marketable as possible, for as little money as possible.

Many of the original homes in this high-end neighborhood were undergoing major remodels and selling for big money, but Mary and Brad weren't willing to undertake any expensive changes. What they were willing to do was trim some overgrown trees, liquidate furniture and possessions, and deep clean.

In a situation like this, the goal of staging is to make the home look good with what you have to work. You want the buyer to imagine the possibilities, instead of immediately dismissing the home as unsuitable.

Guidelines for Staging an Outdated Bedroom

  • Don't ignore the obvious, minimize it
  • Look for the most attractive thing about the room and draw attention to it.
  • Focus on arranging furniture to make the room look as spacious as possible.
  • Bring in current colors and accessories that will complement and update the room.
  • Make the bed so inviting that any buyer would want to jump right in for the best night's sleep!

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Staging Details

  • Always start by removing extra bedroom furniture.
  • Next, the bed was centered on the wall to show off the large, roomy space.
  • Art was rearranged. Two lovely rose prints were grouped to provide a nice backdrop for the bed.
  • The 1960's green wall and pink, gray and green wallpaper had to be minimized (but not ignored). Silky cream colored bedding says this is an elegant home without adding more color.
  • Tan and gray satin pillows update the color scheme and provide a neutral nod back to the wallpaper.
  • New lampshades make the elegant old crystal lamps beautiful again.
  • A small crystal pot of white crocus dresses up each nightstand.
  • A pot of greenery adds life to the dresser.
  • The tan throw makes the room cozy and puts the focus on charm and comfort (instead of old and outdated).

The Outcome of Staging This Outdated Bedroom? Five Offers.

Brad and Mary held fast until they got their price. A lot more money could have been spent staging this home, but under the current circumstances it made sense to work with what was there. And it worked!

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