Outdated Bedrooms Can Easily Be Changed Into Beautiful Rooms

Outdated bedrooms can kill a home sale because first impressions are so powerful. If your bedroom looks messy or old-fashioned, most buyers will be so turned off they won't even want to see the rest of the house.

In this challenging economic climate, most people do not have the money to fully stage their homes with all new furnishings. But there are ways to get the model home look without the expense.

I'll show you how simple, inexpensive changes, a little creativity, and some work can totally and dramatically transform even outdated bedrooms, and get the sale.

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Always start with sorting and packing to find useful staging props that are hiding in your home. Move out all the boxes, extra furniture, frilly pillows, and overwhelming window coverings that don't add beauty to the room

  • The pale pink walls were painted Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige, a soft, neutral wall color that looks good with everything (Cost: $26.99 for a gallon of paint)

  • Shiny brass isn't currently in fashion, so the headboard and footboard were removed. The king sized wooden headboard was found in another room, and is just propped up against the wall. Remember, staging is theatrics. It's not for living, it's to impress the buyer

  • Simple, new, inexpensive lampshades update the look of two matching lamps found in the living room (Cost: $9.99 each at Ross)

  • The original cream colored bedding was pretty enough to use. A new brown striped bed-in-a-bag updates the look. Layering the comforter with the original bedspread looks luxurious (Cost: $49.99 for the striped bedding at Ross)

  • Nature painting from another wall works with the colors and finds the perfect spot over the bed

  • New green throw pillows add a little punch (Cost: $6.99 each, at Ross)

  • Green floor plant from another room fills an empty corner

  • A simple bunch of white crocus in a vase adds a touch of elegance (Cost: $3.98 at Michaels)

Staging the Bedroom Dresser

Bedroom Dresser Before

Bedroom Dresser After

What Happened in this Room?

  • After all the extra stuff was moved out, the mirror was hung closer to the dresser and some complementary pictures were moved to either side (get more help on how to best use art and mirrors )

  • A simple wooden box is a nice touch on a dresser

  • White poppies in an interesting brown vase look elegant (Cost: $4.98 for the poppies at Michaels, and $6.99 for the vase at Ross)

Total Cost of Staging this Outdated Bedroom: $126.99

The Outcome?


And everything that was purchased for this bedroom can move with the owner to make their next home more beautiful.

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