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Pretty Bedroom Ideas

Pretty Bedroom Ideas
Our bedrooms should be a place of refuge, rest and renewal. It's where we start and end each day. A beautiful bedroom will send you out into the world to meet the challenges of the day and welcome you back again to comfort and refresh you.

When staging homes for sale, I'm frequently surprised at how many people with beautiful homes allow themselves to sleep in shabby bedrooms with poor light and worn out bedding.

Creating a beautiful bedroom is not so much a luxury as a necessity. It restores your soul. And it doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Simplicity can be just as beautiful as the ornate.

All comfortable bedrooms have the same common elements:

  • Bed
  • Soft lighting
  • Some kind of nightstand to hold a lamp
  • Pretty bedding
  • Soft texture
  • Special touches to make you smile

Take a moment to study the following pictures and watch the pattern unfold. Consistent color, symmetry, and imagination are your tools to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Image Williams Sonoma Home

Top Ten Tips for Creating a Pretty Bedroom

  1. Decide on one, or at most two colors, and stick with them.
  2. If you like a lot of color on the walls, keep your bedding neutral.
  3. If you like neutral walls, add more pattern to the bed.
  4. Add artwork, rugs and lamps that complement the colors you've chosen.
  5. Use stacks of pretty books to elevate objects.
  6. Buy large lamps for comfortable reading and pretty lighting.
  7. Add dimmer switches (you can buy plug-ins for table lamps at Home Depot).
  8. Add some fresh or silk plants and florals.
  9. Take something away, does it look better?
  10. Don't be afraid to try the unexpected.

Never assume something won't work until you've tried it. Decorating is part formula, part experimentation and always a surprise. Sweet dreams.

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