Transformation of a Small Condo in
Denver's Capitol Hill

Easy and Inexpensive Small Condo Staging
Some of the most dramatic transformations can occur in under a day. This small, one-bedroom, condo had many lovely features: gleaming wood floors, tall ceilings, updated lighting, interesting and tasteful paint colors and the right address for a busy, young, urban couple.

When their careers forced a move to another city, they had to sell in a hurry. Even though their small condo was neat and clean, it lacked that special something that appeals to a home buyer. Their realtor thought they could use a little help.

Living Room on Entry - Before

Living Room on Entry - After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Originally, the sectional sofa blocked the entry into the living room making it feel small and cramped. We moved it to the other side of the room, switching places with the TV and shelf unit. This created an unobstructed walkway and made the room look bigger. There is a method to arranging furniture to accent the best features of a room

  • Art found hiding in a closet provides color and interest to the tall walls

  • Bicycle was moved to a less obvious part of the home

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Speaker system was moved to shelf where it didn't command center stage

  • A cabinet with a small plant balances the guitars on the other side, providing a "frame" for the lovely brick wall

  • Table is moved more to the center and a simple piece of pottery replaces the computer

The Outcome? Sold!

Simple changes can have dramatic outcomes.

Actual staging time? Less than two hours.

Cost? The only cost in staging this small condo involved buying some plants and framing some photographs (something they intended to do anyway).

Things to Keep in Mind When Staging Your Home

  • Consider the best features of your home and draw attention to them

  • Make your home look as big as possible by opening walkways and allowing your buyer to move easily through the rooms

  • Add just enough tasteful accents to provide color and interest

If you want to sell your home faster and for more money, try looking at it through the home buyers eyes.

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