Staging a Small Dining Room in a
Suburban Ranch Home

Don't let a small dining room scare you. Just follow the steps in arranging furniture and turn your dining room into a little gem that any buyer would love to own.

This dining room was very attractive to begin with, but felt small and crowded. That's a turn-off to buyers. Some simple changes made a big difference.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

How To Do It

  • To allow your buyer to walk freely around your dining room table (all the way to the window where they can look out onto the lovely back yard) you have to remove all obstacles such as extra chairs and the buffet

  • The table couldn't be made any smaller, so we took away the two end chairs and left two chairs on each side

  • The buffet found a perfect home in the living room. See Arranging Furniture in a Suburban Ranch Living Room

  • One floor plant is enough, and the best spot for it is in the far right corner where it balances the room and is out of the way of traffic

  • A pretty dining room table arrangement and simple white floral provides just the right touch. See more table setting ideas in Staging a Dining Room Table

At first it may seem that your room is too bare. But what looks cozy and comfy to you, will feel crowded to the buyer.

Always remember, in real estate, space = money. Leave room for the buyer to imagine their furnishings in your home. It works. This home was under contract in two and one half weeks, in spite of the soft economy.

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