Small Home Gets a Make-Over Before
Going on the Market

Gina, the busy owner of this small home, was in graduate school, had a full-time job, and was an avid cyclist. Taking care of a house with a large yard became too time-consuming, and not on her list of priorities.

So she found a condo she loved, made an offer, hired a realtor who understands the benefits of staging, and got busy. She had work to do.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Gina had a lot of furniture, and it was all on one side of the living room making it seem small and crowded. And with the curtains drawn, the room felt dark

  • The wardrobe and piano were moved to the other side of the room to open up the space ( arranging furniture )
  • Sofa and coffee table were positioned on the far wall to make an inviting seating arrangement and to show off the beautiful wood floors

  • Curtains were pulled open and tied back to let in light

  • Two new red throw pillows continue the color scheme and add a little punch

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Since Gina lived alone, she used her guest bedroom as "overflow." This illustrates just how dramatic it can be to put things away

  • Gina stored the ironing board and iron

  • Removed the computer desk

  • Sorting and packing made the bookshelf more attractive

  • Moved the chair to the corner and added a red throw for a nice pop of color

  • Finished with a pretty red pillow on the bed

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Gina cleaned off the counters and put out a colorful bowl of fruit to show off the perky black and white tile pattern

  • Only two chairs were left at the table to maximize the size of the nook

  • Table was set with pretty placemats and a simple floral inviting the buyer to imagine a relaxing meal in this sunny space ( staging a dining room )
  • Now the charm of this black and white kitchen is obvious

The Outcome?

When Gina's home went on the market, there were several others just like it for sale on the block. Some were in foreclosure and priced lower.

Guess who's house sold first? Gina's, in under six weeks!

This small home delivered the buyer's dream. And that in turn delivered Gina's. She's happily enjoying her new condo with lots of free time to ride her bike.

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