Staging a Bathroom Your Buyer Will LOVE
DIY Tips and Ideas

Staging a bathroom to look like a model home is all about adding the fun touches that are irresistible to buyers. If you can trigger the emotion of excitement in a buyer and get them to dream about living in your home, they will move heaven and earth to buy it.

There is a solution for every bathroom. Tips to keep in mind when staging a vanity:

  • Keep the quality of your furnishings in line with the value of your home

  • Stay consistent with your color scheme and ground it with a neutral (brown, tan, black)

  • Keep it simple (up to 3 items is usually perfect)

  • Add a floral or some greenery

  • Vary your heights; tall, medium, small

  • Add something fun

  • Don't over do it. Always remember that your goal is to sell the house

Adapt the following ideas for staging a bathroom to create a beautiful bathroom of your own.

For a High End Home

How to Do It

  • Start with a pretty tall floral in a pot

  • Add fleur-de-lis glass jar with decorator soap

  • Finish with fun French Parfum box

For a High End Home with a Small Vanity

How to Do It

  • Start with one chunky candle in a tall candlestick (candle's are best in ivory or natural - this one echos the honey color of the hand towel)

  • Add two small rustic flower pots for a splash of red

  • And stop. This is just enough to show off the unusual faucet and rich, dark stone counter

For an All White Vanity with a Towel Bar

How to Do It

  • The most outstanding feature here is the large mirror, make it work for you by reflecting dramatic color

  • One large red floral

  • Red hand towel folded over a black bath towel and tied with black organza ribbon

For an Outdated Bathroom that's in Good Condition

How to Do It

  • Highlight the most currently fashionable color you can find in the room, in this case green

  • Modernize the look with a brown bath towel tied with a green organza ribbon

  • Add a simple grassy green plant

  • Finish with a fun little frog (found in another room)

For a Plain White Tiled Bathroom with a White Formica Counter Top

How to Do It

  • Add some drama with a brown striped shower curtain

  • Repeat the colors with a picture that's visible when you first enter the room

  • Layer a green hand towel over a brown bath towel and tie it with a pretty brown ribbon

  • Make the large mirror work for you. In this case it's reflecting another similar picture and more towels

  • Grassy green plant in a natural pot is just right for the vanity

A Different Look for an Almost Identical Bathroom

How to Do It

  • The formula is basically the same, but color changes everything. In this case the red shower curtain creates a new look

  • The pictures were chosen because they had the same colors as the shower curtain

  • The red is repeated again in the bath towels, neutralized with tan hand towels, and all dressed up with pretty brown tassels instead of ribbon

  • Finish with a simple red floral

Another Fun Idea for Staging a Bathroom

How to Do It

  • Start with a small trunk or decorator box (you can frequently find these marked 50% off at Hobby Lobby)

  • Prop the lid open with a pretty bottle of bath crystals

  • Add a candle and some decorative soap

  • Fill with neatly rolled hand towels tied with black cord knotted around an interesting bead (match towels and beads to your color scheme)

  • Trail a little green ivy around and into the box

This great idea is the creation of Virginia Daily and Room Service Staging.

What's your favorite idea for staging a bathroom or vanity? Send it in with a photo and we'll feature it with your own special page on this website. And if you're a home stager or decorator, feel free to include a link to your website.

What's Your Favorite Idea for Staging a Bathroom?

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