Staging a Dining Room Table

Staging a Dining Room Table
Pretend you're getting ready for the most amazing dinner for a very special guest, your buyer. Surprise them when they walk in the door. Go all out and tickle their imagination with the possibility of future happiness in your home.

Buyers are looking for their dream home. Make them feel like they've come your home. It's easy to set a pretty table. After you do it a few times, you'll understand formula. The following DIY guidelines will help you create a charming and tasteful table every time.

Guidelines for Staging a Dining Room Table

  • Decide on one color scheme and stick with it
  • Add some neutrals: black, brown, tan to "ground" the table setting
  • Create coordinating layers with placemats, dishes, and pretty glassware
  • Vary textures: smooth, rough, shiny, dull, soft
  • Vary heights: tall, medium, short
  • Invite prosperity by filling the top dish with something fun
  • Finish with a dramatic centerpiece

Dining Room Table in a Small Home

How To Do It

  • Because this is a tiny home, we used a small table and only two chairs arranging furniture to make the room feel as large as possible

  • The color scheme in the home is red. The red and green hydrangeas in brown pottery are perfect with the soft green dishes and goblets

  • Black napkins keep the color scheme from going over the top and complement the black parsons chairs. There are lots of different ways to fold napkins

  • One fake tomato sitting on a bed of black beans adds a touch of whimsy and invites prosperity

Dining Room Table in a Large Open Dining Room

How To Do It

  • Even though this is a large dining room, it's also a walkway to the family room. Using a smaller dining room table and only two place settings makes the space seem larger

  • Color scheme in the home is blue/green and brown

  • A tall leafy green and white centerpiece draws attention to the expansive ceilings

  • Stepping down with two tall glass candle holders helps fill the tabletop

  • Each place setting is layered with a brown placemat, dinner plate, horizontally folded brown napkin, salad plate, and a bowl with a ripe red fake pear

  • Wine goblets are partially filled with shimmering glass "gems"

Elegant Dining Room Table in a Luxury Home

How To Do It

  • In a large luxury home you can go over the top with a table setting for six. Start with a generous floral that picks up the colors in the home

  • Step down with two large, rustic candle holders and bottle of sparkling wine

  • Layer fine linens with copper colored chargers and pretty gold detailed china

  • Top each place setting with shimmering napkins tied with the same roses as in the centerpiece

  • Finish with lovely gilded wine glasses

Breakfast Scene in a Kitchen

How To Do It

  • In a sunny kitchen dining area, this simple setting says breakfast!

  • The orange and yellow placemats set the color scheme

  • Layer the dishes and fold cloth napkins so that one end flares up out of the bowl

  • A glass pitcher filled with dried orange slices and a stack of pretty yellow bowls makes a cheerful centerpiece

  • Finish with tall glasses partially filled with more dried orange slices

Patio Dining Area

How To Do It

  • Start with pretty blue and yellow dishes and fill the mugs with fake lemons

  • A chunky blue banded jug filled with a mix of artificial sunflowers and wildflowers echos the dishes

  • Finish with individual bottles of sparkling lemonade

Are you getting the picture? The ideas for staging a dining room table are endless. The fun lies in the creativity. Let yourself go and see what can you come up with. Follow the guidelines and you can't make a mistake!

Staging a Dining Room Table

What's Your Favorite Idea for Staging a Dining Room Table?

Do you have a favorite idea for staging a dining room table? Please share it! And if you're a decorator or home stager, feel free to include a link to your website.

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