Staging a Kitchen Counter is Fun, Easy and

Staging a kitchen counter is the very last thing I do when working on a home, because it's the most fun. It adds the party festive atmosphere to the project.

Every kitchen has a different layout and each one provides rich opportunities for creating charming scenes that will invite the buyer to imagine living in your home. If you can get them to that point, they will want to buy your home!

When staging a kitchen, remember to keep your goal in mind. You're marketing. You're selling space, counters, floors, cabinets, appliances and the dream that your home will be the perfect home for the buyer.

Guidelines for Staging a Kitchen Counter

  • Start by making sure your kitchen is clean and in good repair. More on this in kitchen staging

  • Create vignettes, or little scenes to soften corners and fill empty stretches of counter

  • Continue the color that's used in other parts of the home

  • Vary the heights in each vignette; tall, medium and small

  • Use items with different textures to add interest; glass, wood, pottery, cloth napkins, etc.

  • Use greenery and small florals to add freshness

  • Add something fun to make the buyer smile

  • Don't overdo it, you're selling space

  • Always remember that in real estate, space = money!

Staging a Kitchen Counter in a Luxury Home

How to Do It

  • In this luxury home, you're selling the gleaming granite, beautiful tile-work, custom cabinetry, and extra sink

  • Nooks for coffee cups suggest a gourmet coffee scene

  • Start with a pretty wood tray in the corner

  • Add elegant tall and medium glass canisters to hold coffee beans and gourmet sugar

  • Continue with a short glass coffee press and similar cream pitcher

  • Add some brown and natural linen napkins bunched with beaded napkin rings

  • Soften with a little green ivy

  • Complete the other side of the sink with a small gourmet coffee recipe book on a mini easel, and a carved "mocha" sign

  • Note how all the colors used in this scene coordinate with the original finishes in the kitchen. Paying attention to these types of details sells homes

Staging a Small Corner in the Kitchen of a Luxury Home

How To Do It

  • The star of this show is the gorgeous granite and tile

  • Three matching glass canisters (tall, medium, small) filled with gourmet pasta and a pot of greenery are all you need to set this stage

  • Note how the canisters and greenery frame the custom tile detail in the back splash and draw attention to it

Staging a Kitchen Counter in a Small Condo

How To Do It

  • Every home can't afford granite and custom tile. The way to sell this kitchen is to put something colorful and interesting in each corner

  • Set the stage for a delicious Italian dinner

  • Start with a cookbook on an easel opened to a colorful recipe

  • Wrap a little loose ivy around it to soften and add freshness

  • Three fake lemons suggest ingredients in the recipe

  • A bright red colander with gourmet pasta and fake tomatoes completes the scene

  • In a community with lots of similar condos for sale, this kitchen will stand apart from the competition!

Staging a Tiny Formica Kitchen Counter

How To Do It

  • How about a beverage bar?

  • Start with a cocktail recipe book on a mini easel opened to a Martini recipe

  • Two inexpensive same size pictures propped up against the back splash add a little contrast and color

  • Make fun "Martinis" with clear glass stones and two fake pears, a tiny red one and a bigger green one that continue the color scheme and suggest a party!

Staging a Butler's Pantry

How To Do It

  • A butler's pantry is the perfect spot for a dessert bar

  • Put a dessert cookbook on an easel and open to a tart recipe

  • Ivy adds that special something

  • Some wooden spoons tied with green raffia help keep the pages open

  • A fake tart on a black wrought iron tray suggests a delicious treat

  • Three fake strawberries on the tart make it look more appetizing

  • A dish with more fake strawberries continues the scene and adds color

  • I like to drop one or two berries off the plate. It catches the buyer's eye and draws more attention to the pretty granite

Wrapping it Up

Staging a kitchen counter is all about fun, creativity, and showing off your kitchen to its best advantage. The possibilities are endless. Start by looking for ways to use what you already own. Then supplement with a few decorator items to charm the buyer and make them want to live in and buy your home!

What's Your Favorite Kitchen Staging Idea?

Have you come up with a kitchen staging idea you and your friends love? We'd like to hear about it and feature it on this website!

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