Staging a Long, Narrow and Outdated Bedroom
(on a Budget)

Staging a long bedroom can be a challenge. The key is arranging furniture to avoid a tunnel look and make the room as inviting as possible.

This elegant, old, high-end home had seen many renovations, and all of them were now outdated. At one time, two rooms were connected to create the long master bedroom. The home, once valued at $1 million was dropping in value due to the downturn in the real estate market and the outdated renovations were creating further obstacles.

The elderly owner wanted to make the home look as good as possible without investing more remodeling dollars. The goal was to use design techniques to show off the best attributes of the home so that a buyer might fall in love with it and see the possibilities.

Bedroom Transformation

I was not the original person hired for this project. I was asked to "fix" another person's work because the results were so disastrous. If you're considering hiring a home stager, ask to see examples of their work to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises.

Bedroom Before (As originally staged)

Bedroom After

What Happened in This Room?

  • There were two major decorating challenges in this room, which were also positive selling attributes. The large corner windows (desirable to buyers), and the hot water heat radiators (heating system very desirable to buyers but radiators are unattractive)

  • Placing the bed in the corner emphasizes the beautiful windows and minimizes the tunnel feeling in the room. An artificial tree fills and softens the empty corner behind the bed

  • Brown striped bedding with lots of pretty tan and soft blue pillows is a modern look and will appeal to men and women

  • Removing the lacy sheers from the windows looks cleaner and draws more attention to the beauty of the windows

  • Moving the dresser and mirror to the wall you see when you first enter the room adds sparkle and a prominent place to decorate with pale blue balls and pearls pulling together a cohesive color scheme

  • Two new satin nickel lamps are modern, elegant and give a nod back to the silver radiators

  • Finish with blue and tan hydrangeas in brown pottery on the dresser and a smaller version on the nightstand. Empty corner is softened by another silk tree

The results show off the space of the room and the beauty of the windows (which look out onto a gorgeous setting with many lovely mature trees). The message to the buyer is that this grand old home in a premier neighborhood is a steal.

Are you struggling with a difficult room? We can help. Challenging rooms are fun. It's like solving a puzzle. Tell us about it and send a picture. We'll post the challenge and the solution on this website.

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