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Staging a Bathroom is Easy...
There's a Formula

Staging the bathroom is easy because bathrooms are usually small. And critically important, because they're personal. It's inexpensive to transform a blank, drab little bathroom into a real stunner. But first, make sure it's in good repair and clean.

Essential  elements for impressing your buyer:

  • Cleanliness - it must look, feel, and smell, spotlessly clean
  • Repair - The tub, tile, toilet, shower and fixtures must be in good condition. It helps if mirrors, light fixtures and faucets are currently in fashion.
  • Color - Paint and color make the magic



Staging Steps

  • All personal items were removed
  • Walls were painted Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige, like the rest of the house
  • Art is hung where it's most visible when you enter the bathroom. It reflects nicely in the mirror, providing color and interest
  • Towels colors are pulled from the art
  • A neutral bath towel with a contrasting hand towel
  • Small pot of greenery dresses the back of the toilet



Staging Steps

  • Although glass doors are not in demand by today's buyer, the value of the property didn't warrant major changes. And these glass doors have a special feature, one half is mirrored
  • Red was the accent color used throughout the house, so we brought in a picture of a red rose framed in black, simple but with a strong contrast
  • Towels are black and red taking their cue from the picture
  • Small basket of greenery on the back of the toilet
  • Red floral adds a nice punch
  • Mirror reflects color, greenery and pattern. Bonus!

The Formula for Staging a Bathroom

  1. Clean it
  2. Fix it
  3. Consider updating lights, fixtures, counters, if it will increase the value of the home. Consult with a good realtor first to get an estimate of the value of your home
  4. Paint walls to coordinate with the rest of the home
  5. Add the final touches in a coordinating color scheme:

Keep it Simple

Resist when you're tempted to add a few more cute touches and stay focused on your goal, a quick and profitable sale!

Staging a Bathroom Vanity is Fun!

If you've ever been to a model home, you've seen how amazing bathrooms can look. It's all about creating a beautiful display on the vanity. See more ideas for staging a bathroom vanity.

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