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Staging Bedroom

Staging Bedroom

You don't have to buy all new when staging a bedroom. There are ways to use what you already own and still get an updated look. The main thing when selling your home is to make it look clean, spacious, and inviting.

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Easy inexpensive Ways to Make Any Bedroom Look Staged

Sometimes clients have pretty bedding, but it's not the current thing. Adding an inexpensive neutral blanket to an overly sweet quilt will make this bedroom appeal to more buyers.



Staging Details

  • Remove any extra furniture that makes a room feel cramped.
  • We took down the sheer panels for a "cleaner" look.
  • Leave just a few pretty items on top of the dresser.
  • Books were pared down and arranged on the shelf.
  • Art was moved from a different room to complement the color scheme.
  • Bed was updated with a simple tan blanket to neutralize the sweetness of the quilt.
  • Quilt was folded at the foot of the bed for a pop of color.
  • Silk tree fills an empty corner.

Total Cost: $20 for the blanket (Ross).

Sometimes All You Need is a Little Fine Tuning

This owner had plenty of pretty stuff, but the bedroom just wasn't party ready. Looking at it with a stager's eye revealed the solution. 



Staging Details

  • Everything that didn't belong in the bedroom was removed.
  • Complementary picture from another wall adds more color and balance to the corner.
  • Nightstands are dressed up with a small plant and a photo.
  • Silky pillows finish the look.
  • The look is fresh, clean and inviting. Just what buyers love.

Tell a Story when Staging Your Bedroom

Using art and accessories to suggest a story is a fun thing to do and will engage your buyer and start them dreaming about living in your home.

Bedroom Staging Gets the Sale

Bill's little farmhouse sat empty and unsold for a year. When Bill's listing contract ran out, he hired a realtor who insisted on some inexpensive staging. After staging, the house sold in one month (in spite of the sluggish market in 2008).

Inexpensive Bedroom Staging

Two real-life, low budget examples of bedrooms that got some simple staging resulting in a big sale for the owners.

Pretty Bedroom Ideas

Once you get the basics of creating a beautiful bedroom, the combinations are endless.

Outdated Bedrooms

An outdated bedroom can kill a home sale. The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to buyers and it's critical to make it appear as beautiful and spacious as possible.

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