Staging Commitment

Staging is here to stay and a lot of sellers are doing it. Those who do it well, sell their homes faster and for more money. Would you like to sell your home for more money?

Selling a House is Like Applying for a New Job

Your house is applying for the job of perfect home for next owner. If you want to get top dollar for it, you must do everything possible to make it sparkle, shine, and stand apart from the competition. Commitment will give you the resolve to stay the course.

This Brings Us to the Question: Do You Really Want to Move?

Occasionally I run into a situation where one partner is very excited about moving and the other one isn’t. One loves the house and the memories. Is very attached to renovations, updates, the yard, and all the work they’ve put into it over the years. The other one is ready for a new experience. They may want to upsize, downsize, rightsize, or move to an entirely different part of the country.

Is a Move in Your Best Interest?

Sometimes moving is a good idea and sometimes it isn’t. It’s very important to thoroughly discuss the reasons and feelings behind each point of view. Moving forward without fully dealing with the emotions and implications can cause problems later on.

If a move is truly in your best interest, but it’s hard to let go, it helps to look at what’s keeping you connected to your home.

  • Is it the location?
  • Do you live in an area that’s appreciated so much that you could never afford to go back there once you’ve sold?
  • Did you buy high and current prices won't recover your investment?

  • Is the area you’ve chosen for your new home going to be as good of an investment as the one you’re currently in?
  • Are you tied to the memories?

Are You Having Trouble Letting Go?

Whenever we’ve lived in a place long enough to have significant good memories, like those associated with raising children and special times with neighbors and friends, we feel as though leaving the place will separate us forever from what's dear to us.

The truth is, your memories go where you go. And wherever you go, you will create new ones.

If you've made the decision to move, it may be tough and you may get cold feet, but there's a good reason for working through those natural human emotions. When you get top dollar for this home you'll be in a better financial position to purchase the next one.

Still Want to Move?

So, assuming that a move is in your best interest and you’re prepared to make a staging commitment and do what’s necessary to make your house stand apart from the competition. What will staging involve?

  • That all depends on how much stuff you’ve accumulated
  • The condition of your home
  • The approximate market value of your property
  • How much time, energy and resources you have to commit to preparing it for market

If you can do much of the work yourself, it will be less expensive than if you have to hire help. But be assured, the effort, time, and money you invest in staging your home will more than pay for itself. Your reward will be a speedy sale at top market price.

Molly's Staging Story

Molly was an antiques dealer. When she had to close her store several years ago, all the antiques that hadn't sold were moved to her home, a charming but outdated bungalow in an up and coming neighborhood.

She loved her bungalow, but her health was forcing her to make a decision. Stay where she was in a home she loved, and stay on oxygen? Or, move to a lower elevation so that she could breathe easier and have a better quality of life.

Molly decided to move. But first, she had a lot of work to do.

Molly's Kitchen Before

Molly's Kitchen After

What Did Molly Do?

  • First she looked into hiring a home stager to find out what needed to be done in the home

  • Then she called a realtor who understood pricing in the area, to determine how much money she could realistically invest in staging and improvements

  • Then she made her staging commitment and implemented a step-by-step plan to get the house ready

  • During the next few months, she cleaned, packed, sold and put things into storage
  • She hired a painter who painted over the pink, blue, and white walls with a neutral shade that complemented her wood floors and moldings
  • She had glass inserted into the kitchen cabinet doors and replaced the hardware
  • She replaced the kitchen counters and had the refrigerator brought back into the kitchen
  • Then it was time to stage. We rearranged the furniture that was left, added the decorator touches that make homes so appealing to buyers, and finished just before the realtor returned to sign the listing agreement.

Molly looked around the house with tears in her eyes and said, “I knew I did the right thing when I hired you.”

The Outcome?

After seeing the results, the realtor raised the listing price $15,000 over what she’d originally suggested. The house went on the market with three offers within the first three weeks, a contract and a back-up (at a higher price than the first contract). The house closed in one month.

Molly moved north just in time to close on her new house and is now off oxygen, enjoying more time with her grandkids, and happily living in another period bungalow even more beautiful than the one she sold.

You Can Do it Too!

Is it time to move? Are you committed to giving your home every advantage over the competition? Ready to start?

Next Step: Determine the value of your home so you know how much to invest in staging. Talk to a good realtor. It will save you money!

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