Staging a Fireplace Mantle to
Charm Your Buyer

Effectively staging your fireplace mantle will lure a buyer into falling in love with your home. Most people swoon at the idea of relaxing in front of a warm, cozy fire. Draw attention to this valuable asset by giving it top billing with the right art, accessories and furniture arrangement.

This beautiful, elegant black marble surround was hiding behind an over-sized ottoman and a cluster of plants. The art and accessories, though beautiful, just weren't enough to do it justice.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Loveseats were angled slightly to reveal the pretty windows framing either side of the fireplace

  • A handsome rug adds just the right amount of color to a neutral palette and draws the eye toward the fireplace

  • A small trunk serves as a coffee table without competing for attention

  • One elegant plant on the hearth is just the right accent to lead the eye up toward the mantle

  • The vase and tiny box were replaced by larger objects, more in scale with the mantel. A round carving on one side, and a similar sized print on the other, all in a consistent neutral color-scheme

  • Note that the picture on the right leans against the wall and overlaps the middle picture. Not all pictures have to hang on nails

  • A mid-sized plant between the windows adds a touch of green and softens the corner

Staging a Mantel with Built-In Bookshelves

This elegant old home, in an expensive and desirable part of town, looks too drab to beckon. Nothing's been done to highlight the original built-in cabinetry along one entire wall!

Living Room Before

Living Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • A sofa and love seat were placed perpendicular to the fireplace to open up the area and draw the buyer in for a closer look

  • Symmetry is very much a part of the elegance of this home, so we echoed that in the display

  • Two sassy lamps with striped shades brighten the dark corners and add a touch of fun

  • An antique Asian box on the left complements an old clock on the right

  • Two ferns in tiger shell vases complement the color scheme of the tile surrounding the fireplace. Their height steps up to showcase the sconces and built-in mirror above the mantel

  • The picture on the wall was replaced with one that suits the color scheme better. It leans against the wall on top of the wood ledge. Not every picture has to hang

  • The coffee table and display complement the style of the home (more on this in decorating a coffee table )

  • The pillows on the sofas add color, shimmer and the richness that this room deserves

What If Your Fireplace Has No Mantel?

The picture above this impressive bricked fireplace is just too small. When you don't have a mantel, the art is everything. A haphazard collection of furniture with no clearly defined purpose and too much personal stuff, further diminishes the impact.

Family Room Before

Family Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • A sectional sofa was brought in from another area of the home and set up facing the fireplace. This creates an invition to sit down and enjoy a relaxing evening in front of the fire

  • The dark-toned area rug defines the space created by the sofa and adds rich, subtle color and pattern to contrast with and complement the lighter brick and carpeting

  • Half of the leather ottoman is just right as a coffee table

  • A similar, but larger picture above the fireplace fits the brick pattern better and provides a nice splash of color

  • Greenery in the corner and at the edge of the fireplace add freshness and life

Not Happy with your Fireplace?

Thinking of installing a new one? See some different styles and ideas at Fireplace Mantels.

Wrapping Up Staging a Fireplace Mantel

The purpose of staging is to lead the buyer to appreciate all the advantages of owning your home. Point out the best features of your home with the right art, greenery and decorator accents. Learn the tricks of arranging furniture to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. And make staging the fireplace and mantel an absolute priority!

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