Staging a Highlands Denver Condo with a Stunning Skyline View
...Blocked by a Power Pole

Mike and Theresa needed help staging their Denver Highlands condo. They wanted to start a family and were willing to trade the incredible skyline view for a backyard with grass. Their biggest selling feature was the view.

Denver Skyline View from the Deck

Their biggest obstacle was a large power pole at the edge of the deck right in front of the skyline view.

Deck Before

Which they tried to hide with a trellis...

The Solution?

Staging is all about highlighting the positive aspects of a property while minimizing the negatives. As much as we'd like to hide that power pole, it's not going to happen.

The next best thing is to make the deck so inviting, that you don't notice the power pole and are drawn to the view instead.

Deck After

What Happened on this Deck?

  • The grill, which previously blocked the entrance to the deck, was moved to the corner in front of the pole and placed diagonally. Now the person grilling can enjoy the view. Mike liked it immediately!

  • Chairs and tables were set around the deck. Guests can keep Mike company while he grills, and can see the skyline from different angles.

  • Red Geraniums in flower pots add a splash of color

Finding Solutions to Your Challenges

Think outside the box. The best solutions are usually simple, though not always obvious:

  • Forget about hiding it

  • Focus on trying to find the best feature of your room instead

  • Then highlight it, draw attention to it, dress it up for all it's worth!

Buyers are Looking for their Dream Home
Deliver the dream and they will want your home. Mike and Theresa did, and their home sold in days! See the transformation of the inside in Highlands Condo Interior Before and After.

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